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High Frequency Limiter/Multi-band Compressor

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Anyone have any recommendations to tame highs in Mastering. I'm looking at a Drawmer 1973 right now because of my budget. Trying to stay out of the digital realm right now and do most if not all my processing in the analog realm. I'm also considering saving up for a Weiss Unit or a Maslec MBC. Any suggestions for outboard gear?

OMG, new Fabfilter L2 limiter looks HOT!

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Hi guys and girls !
I just found out the Fabfilter issued a new version of their excellent Limiter
They included level compensation to avoid being tricked with the volume change
And Yes finally : LUFS metering !
I'm gonna love it, I'm sure,,, (where's my credit card ??)

1176 Revisions

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@audiokid , @Kurt Foster , @Boswell , @dvdhawk @Davedog , @pcrecord , @Makzimia @kmetal @John S Dyson , et al ...

Have any of you guys ever worked with the Blue-Stripe 1176 (revision D, I think?).
I've only ever worked with various Black-faced and Silver-faced 76's; I'm trying to remember if I even ever actually saw the Blue Strip in the various studios I worked at over the years...

Room for another 1176 clone?

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Looks like (now berringer owned) Klark Technic has produced an 1176 clone. Priced $600 its in line with other mass produced clone gear.

IMHO it's insulting to both KT and 1176 that this thing is out. Having not heard it or used it I can't comment on its quality or authenticity. To me it's just a way to grab some kids cash.

The only potential upside of all this cloning would be for prices of the real things to come closer to earth, or for some true innovation with reguard to hardware. Lol neither of which has seem to hit the mainstream yet.

Limiter plug ins

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Hey all , I downloaded the free goodhertz faraday limiter a few days back and inserted it into a session
today. I can really hear it working and I like it .
Anybody else here used it ?
What do you think ?

I have been using the Massey 2007 and the tokyo dawn kotelnikov which are a bit bitey and
smooth . The faraday has a vibe about it that I didnt have before . :)

Hope I dont sound like a salesman .:cautious:

I know there are lots of good limiters out there , but I haven't had them :sleep:

1176 Black and Blue

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I have an idea that might be crazy. I've been considering building an 1176 clone, in part for the experience. I was leaning towards a Rev D, as consensus seems to be that it sounds the best. On the other hand, I would be building a compressor for its character. Shouldn't I be building a Rev A, since it has the most?

Mastering with 2 UA LA2A vs UA 1176LN

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21 years

I thought this mix I did might serve as an interesting analog mastering comparison using a few compressors with tubes and trannies.

Even though the LA2A and 1176 is best suited for tracking and mixing, who cares right, I'm more interested in the colour on this one. The beauty of hybrid is ability to master something clean or add colour in many ways. Lets see what these gems sound like paired up and put to the test on the master chain.

3 versions of the same song.

My Original Mix: