lynx studio technology

  1. audiokid

    Lynx Announces Aurora(n) Line of Converter Interfaces

    Representing a complete redesign of the Aurora line, the Aurora achieves significant performance and feature improvements with 14 new models slated to ship in March 2017. Onboard 32ch microSD recorder and configurable I/O platform mark new...
  2. kmetal

    Lynx e22/e44 Pcie converters?

    Hey I've been endlessly searching for quite some time thru a plethora of interfaces and converters and various connection options. I'm building a decent daw PC so I'm limited in pcie slots and need to be judicious to make sure I've got my bases covered. I'm making the jump to 384k next year...
  3. LynxTWO B, ProjectMix I/O Control Surface and Pro Tools - How To Put It Together

    hey guys, needs some help. Recently built a computer that's pretty robust and i'm running a projectmix i/o control surface with protools 10. now, i'm pretty versed on its operation etc but the computer this one replaced used to be my old home theater pc, which had a lynxtwo b soundcard that...
  4. Black Lion PM8 summing mixer with Lynx Two A

    hey guys, i just bought a BLA PM8 to use with my 4 in / out lynx card and have a few questions in regards to how I set it up. Given that I have always worked inside the box I never had any experience with consoles. Would I connect the BLA PM8 only when I am exporting my mix? Would I benefit...
  5. Lynx HILO for Mastering

    I am being sold on a Lynx Hilo for my mastering conversion and monitoring solution. Do any of you ME's have an opinion on this? I noticed the Aurora has 8 channels (instead of the 2- Hilo) and sells for ~$500 less than the Hilo. Is the conversion the same? I was also looking into the Crane Song...
  6. Combining LS-ADAT to my Lynx Two A card

    hey guys, In attempt to gain access to more channels for an upcoming drum recording, I am considering buying a LS-ADAT to co exist with my Lynx Two (4 input card) I plan to use a UA 4710D using the Lynx LS-ADAT for the purpose of 3 Toms and HiHat I will connect my Seven Circle Pres to my Lynx...
  7. Dr_Willie_OBGYN

    Delta 44 VS Lynx

    Currently I am using a Delta 44 audio card. Do you think it would be worth the money to "upgrade" to a Lynx card? Would I be able to actually hear a noticeable difference?
  8. audiokid

    Lynx Aurora 16 and Midi

    How are you hooking up Midi to the Aurora converters? Is this possible for me to use it like the RME Midi? Example, for the FF800, I can plug a midi keyboard or controller into the midi in on the FF800 and record Midi data. Can I do this with an Aurora 16?
  9. audiokid

    Lynx Aurora16 and Mytek Studio Clock

    I'm guessing I would know the answer to my question if I was using Pro Tools HD and other unmatched odds and ends in my converter chain? Mixing old with new to try and keep it all in sync for more IO however, I ask this because question because I'm on the AD DA upgrade path right now and see...
  10. audiokid

    Orpheus vs Lynx Aurora vs FF 800

    Any comparisons between the three listed below, please share: Prism Orpheus Lynx Aurora RME FF 800
  11. audiokid

    RME ADI-8 QS vs Lynx Aurora 8 AD/DA Converter

    Has anyone done a comparison between these two units? The ADI-8 QS AD/DA Converter looks fuller in features but how does it sound in comparison to the Aurora 8?
  12. audiokid

    16 in/out AD DA Converters - Lynx Aurora vs Apogee

    Man, I hate to dive into a new converter right now because I have a feeling something new is coming. I've been holding off on investing but its coming down to the wire for me. Anyone have any suggestion, choices? Lynx Aurora vs Apogee? What interface would you choose as well?
  13. Questions about the Lynx Aurora 16?

    I am interested in the Lynx Aurora because of all the good reviews I hear about it. I am use to using the Presonus products and do not understand some things about the Aurora 16. 1. How does the Aurora 16 connect to your studio monitors? There is no main stereo out like I am use to seeing...
  14. Should I get an RME Fireface 800 or Lynx Aurora 8?

    First of all I use cubase 5 on vista 64 bit (soon windows 7 64 bit) So please point out to me whether one of them aren't even compatible. I want the best sounding card I can possibly get that will make an Avalon preamp sound as good as possible and have worth while features. I am confused...
  15. Link555

    LYNX and Others

    This is probably old news to most of you, but I just want to mention it. I have had a Lynx L22 for 2 years now. And it works very well. I bought it to simply take the digital output of the Cranesong Hedd192 into my box. I have used the 2 ADC on the card a few times, and quite frankly...
  16. _basso_

    Stable drivers, firewire-card for Aurora 8 ?

    Anyone here who knows if the drivers for Aurora8 Firewire Card, XP and Vista is stable?
  17. glitchless

    Anyone compare the Lynx Aroura 16 to Echo AudioFire 12?

    The prices are spectacularly different, but what about the quality. I'm sure the Lynx is great, but I've only heard one comment about the Echo which was very complimentary. Anyone out who has used both?
  18. Aurora 16

    Here's what we're considering: A mixing studio running Logic Pro 8 on a Mac Pro Quad 4. 2 Aurora 16's. All channels will be running into a 32 channel Toft board for mixing. (we regularly run 30+ channels.) The question is, what would you recommend as an interface card to enable us to run...
  19. Twood

    Lynx Aurora16

    This might be a stupid question, but still... I am using Cubase 4 on a PC. At the moment I`m using a MOTU mkII soundcard but I want to upgrade to a Lynx Aurora16. So I`m wondering.. How do you connect it to the computer? U need to have somekind of PCI interface right? (Or am I way of?)...
  20. Lynx AES16 or RME HDSP AES32?? Is it worth waiting for PCIe?

    Hello, has anybody worked both those cards to tell me any differences in latencies, etc? Will there be any improvements in their new PCIe versions, what do you think? (I think the RME pcie card is out already, has anybody tried it?) Thanks!