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mic pre

8 x SPL Premium MicPre's in 500 rack

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21 years
The Premiums are SPL top mic-pre's. They are loaded with Lunduhl trannies both in and out, plus these ones have the secondary out for redundant tracking etc. If you are looking for 8 pre's in a rack, these are amazing for drums and other acoustic tracking projects.
I'm giving this 8 channel rack away for $3200 USD paypal only. They retail for $750 each and that doesn't include the rackpack worth another $1350, which is the big ass rack and PSU used for the Neos.
This is a $7300 pre rack. You can switch out for other SPL rack products too..

Mic Pre

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21 years
Hey, I was just wondering what your opinions on some of the following 2 mic pres. because I'm planning on buying one in the near future and i'm not sure which one I want. if you's have any other suggestions let me know.

Art Tube MP Studio V3 Microphone Preamp
Studio Projects VTB1 Variable Tube Microphone Preamp


If A Tube Mic has its own Power Supply is A Micpre Necessary

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21 years
Greetings and salutations to all you recording enthusiasts. I'm gonna be purchasing an SE z5600a tube mic pretty soon. Thing is i've acknowledged that fact that it does come with its own power supply which can provide 48v of phantom power. My question is will a seperate mic pre(Grace Design 101) be necessary to juice up the mic???


a proposition on a very good micpreamp.

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Im looking for a real god 4-8ch micpreamp, for pipeorgan and
thousand's of people in a large church.

It's a event that will be recorded 4-5 times each year.
And i will have the best equipment i can have. :lol:

Is the Millennia Media HV-3B the best or is there any other
micpreamp who is more praiseworthy, and sounds equal.

Right combination of drum mics and micpres, etc.

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21 years
Okay, here’s a bit of a puzzler for you…

First, a little background: I’ve set up our kit (a ‘67 Ludwig oyster pearl kit with a Black Beauty snare) with these mics:

Snare top: EV N/D 468
Snare bottom: Audix D1
Rack and Floor Tom: Sennheiser 421MkII on each
Kick: D112 with Earthworks KickPad right after the mic
Overheads: two Beyer M201TGs
Room: either CAD VSM or AT 4047…or, Heaven help me, another, better mic