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mic preamp

Portable digital recorder with good mic preamps

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Hi there,

I have used portable recorders starting in the 80s (WM-D3) and continued in the 90s (TCD-D8), mostly for recording piano recitals. My microphones of choice were and are the OKM-2 binaural mics by the Berlin 'Soundman' company and they served me really well.

Microphone/preamp upgrade questions.

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Hi guys,
Here's a gear question: Is a RODE NT2A a big step up from an AUDIO TECHNICA AT2020 as far as sound quality? If I want to track in stereo, does a pair of mics aimed toward that end such as the AKG perception 107s work better than if I simply buy a second AT2020 (that is mostly for stereo acoustic guitar and drum ohs) ? How can I figure out if the mic pres that I'm using are too cheap for my mics or vice-versa? What pays off more in the long run: upgrading the mic pres/interface, upgrading to a better sounding mic, or upgrading to a more versatile mic?

What Mic and Preamp Should I get?

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Hello, Im Don Jaye. I want my vocals to be crystal clear with a little warmth.

- I have a apogee duet 2 going into Logic Pro
- avantone c12
These two are not getting me the professional sound im looking for.

I will ONLY be using this chain for vocals and my budget is 2,000.

I was thinking of the neumann tlm 102 and maybe a UA 610 for pre amp.

I have a high tenor like voice with a lot of natural warmth to it.
Examples: Michael Jackson, Justin timberlake, Bruno Mars.... etc

Advice on adding mic/instr preamps to my studio rack on a budget

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I have a small semi-portable studio rack system which I use to record my own music as well as band sessions. My gear includes an Art Dual MP preamp box which gives me two decent mic/instr preamps that works well for certain mics and instruments, but I frequently need a few more preamps. Right now, I fall back on my Zoom R16 channel amps, but I'd like a better option. I am on a real tight budget, and I would greatly appreciate some advice.