1. TheMachoBrochacho

    Assistance needed with Mic to Smartphone quality

    Hello again, guys. Well, I am still going back and forth with my Boya pvm1000. I record my videos for YouTube with my smartphone. It is the LG V60. Super legit Camera and Video recordings. Even the audio is fair, but obviously, I want to use my $80 shotgun microphone from Boya to have better...
  2. fay

    Preamp isn't picking up microphone

    [Solved :)] Hi, I am fairly new to the world of XLR mics. I recently got a Rode NTK microphone and a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd gen pre-amp. I use a Macbook Pro along with Ableton Live Lite and Adobe Audition. I have tried everything I can, but the preamp is not picking up the mic. I will...
  3. furbzeyyy

    i want to buy this setup (cheapest way)

    please check the attached image below, can anyone provide me some links please :) ebay and amazon links accepted.
  4. furbzeyyy

    editing SG300 GTX Microphone setup (pics and link included)

    Hey guys (Im very new to the audio production world, but need to learn the basics to help me in my line of work (Videography) Im trying to record some sounds outside for a video game project (professional level) (Fast forward to 2:51 - 4:37) So, my idea is to buy 2x SG300 GTX's, on a frame...
  5. Picus

    Audio Quality - Behringer C-3 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

    Hey! I record with a Behringer C-3 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone at home. And I don't have an acoustically treated space to record in - I do the maximum amount of soundproofing I can possibly do at home. Here's a sample of what the mixes currently sound like: I've seen people...
  6. Inbal

    Getting a clear and stable sound

    Hi, I've been having troubles setting an SM57 mic on my Mac for recording vocals. The current setup is: Shure SM57 --> XLR --> Cloudfilter CL-1 --> XLR --> behinger U-Phoria --> (well USB) --> Mac (connected to power). *Using Ableton Live (and Pod Farm). When I try to record, or just get...
  7. Artist Promotion

    Which mics for home piano recording?

    I have free access to these mics (in matched pairs): Neumann M49, Neumann M149, Neumann M250, Neumann M269, Coles 4038 and RCA MI 6203. Which ones would you choose to record a Yamaha C7? My mixing console only allows for 6 simultaneous mono mics. Thanx!
  8. Condenser Mic Sounds stuffy and high pitched

    Hello guys! I have this problem with recording vocals. I use the Rode NT1A condenser mic and a Behringer Xenyx x1222 as a sound card trying to record on my laptop's DAW (Logic X Pro). The singer I recording with has a really powerful voice with very rich and strong low and high notes. The...
  9. Best USB Microphones for Home Recording

    Hello forum users It has long been thought to make a recording studio at home. The question is which of these microphones for a home recording is good? Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB buy Rode Podcaster Blue Snowflake review Thank you very much!
  10. pcrecord

    Bass drum mics review and how to mix them !

    In this video, I demo some bass drum mics and show you can EQ them to fit in a mix. Sennheiser E602 II Sennheiser MD421 AKG D112 Shure SM57 Audio Technica Pro25 Microphone-parts DiY T47 Sennheiser E602 II Sennheiser MD421 AKG D112 Shure SM57 Audio Technica Pro25 Microphone-parts DiY T47
  11. Mic wireless for grand piano recording in a hall

    Currently I am using MXL v63m mic to record the piano concerts which requires phantom power and then different connectors to my canon HF20 camera. Not much experience on mic and this is for my wife who is a classical pianist and will perform in Carnegie hall in oct. Appreciate advise as to...