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Microphone ID Quiz

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7 years 9 months

A bit of light-hearted fun for the folk who are interested in microphones. I was hunting for a mic this afternoon and realised I had a few that were either old or less common - 17 mics arranged from tallest to shortest. I've blobbed out identifying marks to a degree. Some should be very easy - but getting 17 would be pretty hard I think? 

5 are over 20 years old for certain and two of them I bought in the 70s - so probably 45 years old!

Microphone not working

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7 months 3 weeks
Hello I have this issue, one day I was talking with my friends on discord everything was cool, other day I switched from headphones to speakers because at that moment I did not needed my headphones, but later that day I switched again from speakers to headphones and my microphone wasn't working... It doesn't detect my voice for some reason but there is some buzzing sound.. I tried everything I even tried to reset my pc but that didn't work... I'm adding some sounds from my microphone:

Help identifying vintage tube microphones

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8 months 3 weeks
Hello guys!
I'm from the small country of Bulgaria and I need help from experts like you with identifying 2 vintage tube microphones that I've acquired recently.
Bought them cheap for $13 each. I believe these are Tesla made since there was a 3rd different microphone in the lot and its box has the same ornaments and finish as the ones I am interested about. I've disassembled both and they both have 5703WA miniature tube inside.
I am attaching pictures below.

Best microphone for classical music video

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9 months
I have a Zoom Q4 video recorder, and I'm looking to make some video recordings of classical music (voice and piano). If I want to improve the audio quality, can anyone recommend an external mic that I can plug into my video recorder? I'm new to this, so any tips about mic set-up and so on would be very helpful. I'm thinking of spending between £200 and £500 ($280-$700)

Preamp isn't picking up microphone

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1 year 1 month
[Solved :)] Hi, I am fairly new to the world of XLR mics. I recently got a RØDE NTK microphone and a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd gen pre-amp. I use a Macbook Pro along with Ableton Live Lite and Adobe Audition. I have tried everything I can, but the preamp is not picking up the mic.

Choir and classical type soloist microphones

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7 years 9 months
I saw these mic tubes today - I wish I'd had one or two for what I do with sound and vision in old fashioned buildings - so much nicer visually than the bigger mics on big booms, and my one remaining C451 original with extension tubes is now suffering really badly withe the threads so weak and worn.

How to choose a DIY microphone from (MicParts)

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8 years 9 months
I've been ask a few times lately about what model would be the best to order from MicParts. So in this video I test 3 mics, the T47, T12 and S87

At 2 min, I made a mistake and mention the U87 but it's in fact the U47 ;)

Let me know what you think !

editing SG300 GTX Microphone setup (pics and link included)

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1 year 6 months
Hey guys (Im very new to the audio production world, but need to learn the basics to help me in my line of work (Videography)

Im trying to record some sounds outside for a video game project (professional level)

(Fast forward to 2:51 - 4:37)

So, my idea is to buy 2x SG300 GTX's, on a frame.