1. pcrecord

    Polarity vs Phase - Why do I need to know this? (video)

    Polarity vs Phase - Why do I need to know this ? Polarity and Phase are 2 things that anyone who does music production needs to master. Even if you only have a home studio, as soon as you start to use more than one microphone to record or if you are doing a lot of overdubs with the same...
  2. pcrecord

    Mixing with external gear with Samplitude Pro X5

    Mixing with external gear with Samplitude Pro X5 Thanks to jmizz15212 Films J-jigga for posting a question about using external gear while mixing. In this video I show how to use the FX send and receive fonction of Samplitude. (also available in previous versions Credits ...
  3. pcrecord

    How to choose a DIY microphone from microphone-parts.com (MicParts)

    I've been ask a few times lately about what model would be the best to order from MicParts. So in this video I test 3 mics, the T47, T12 and S87 At 2 min, I made a mistake and mention the U87 but it's in fact the U47 ;) https://microphone-parts.com/ Let me know what you think !
  4. C

    microphones for home studio

    If you could start over, what would you choose? Howdy folks. I haven't done anything out of the box for over 10 years, too much traveling. Just DI'd guitars... I'll be back to recording soon enough, standard rock/pop stuff/r&b stuff - guitars, drums, bass, vocals and the miscellaneous acoustic...
  5. T

    [Survey] How do you determine sound quality of microphones?

    I go to University of Maryland; this is for a professional writing project. Any responses would be appreciated. Link: https://goo.gl/forms/JV9muWU1acnKpeXw1
  6. paulears

    microphone comparison on Double Bass

    Recently we've had lots of topics on choosing mics, and the usual X is good and Y is bad result soon pop up. Today I needed to record a double bass for a track in the works, but as I had some spare time I thought I'd go through the mic stock and try mics I'd not usually pick, just to see what...
  7. M

    Wireless mic static

    I have a Sennheiser transmitter-receiver ew100 G3. It's going into a Canon XA20 pro camcorder, into the Input on the Handle, which is set to Mic/Manual/flat (center). It's always worked fine for me until lately. I moved into an apt/hotel where the only Internet is their WiFi. I started...
  8. pcrecord

    Sennheiser E906 Deal in Canada

    Hey guys/girls.. I just ordered one, regular price is 229 CAD I couldn't miss this deal. I have no clue if they have it in stock but I had to share this ;) http://www.economik.com/search/?q=Sennheiser+E+906
  9. Michael

    AKG 414 B-ULS HELP!

    Low Volume Output, what could it be? I had 2 these microphones in storage for at least 7 years. When I pulled them out of storage recently and tested them, one of the microphones have an extremely low volume output (and has a weird tinny phasey sound on vocals) while the other is normal and...
  10. Barforama

    Microphone Tutorials on Youtube

    Hi guys. I've finally found the time to continue my "Microphone Tutorial" project - and I've just released Chapter four through Seven in a series of Microphone Tutorials on Youtube. Some of you might find it trivial, but I bet a lot of you will find at least some of the points interesting...
  11. T

    Need condenser microphone Recommendation, Multi Purpose

    I am setting up my home studio, and would like a recommendation for one or more for two different applications: video game voice over, and clean opera vocals. Recommendations can either be for one multipurpose microphone, or two sepparate microphones for each application Here are the...
  12. DonnyThompson

    Mics with rectangular/triangular diaphragms

    @Kurt Foster @Boswell @dvdhawk @pcrecord , @audiokid (et al) Hi guys... In this month's issue of ProSound News, two LDC mics were written about; one is AT's new 5047, and the other is the Ehrlund EHR. Both mics are cardioid only. The AT5047 uses four 2 micron thick diaphragms, the Ehrlund...
  13. M

    Mic that doesn't pick up guitar picking sound?

    Filming guitar instructional videos. Currently have a RODE NTG-1 mic positioned above and in front of the teacher. Problem is that the mic not only picks up the teacher's voice, but also the sound coming out of the monitor speakers, as well as that annoying pick snapping against the strings...
  14. paulears

    Renee Zellweger - Judy Garland, bizarre mic choice.

    Anyone else seen the publicity shots for the Biopic, showing 'Judy Garland' singing into a ........... British Grampian DP4 (or DP-8 - can't see the switch) microphone? Never a good mic, these were omni, had absolutely no warmth whatsoever, no proximity effect and a 'classic' mic that never ever...
  15. L

    Best type of Mic for recording acoustic instruments in live situation

    OK, so I am building a setup in my home studio, which would allow me to record mainly percussive acoustic instruments like shakers, glockenspiel, and various types of ethnic or homemade instruments, in a live situation. Since I already use two condensers for vocals in the same setup and also...
  16. Sel0001

    Trying to record into SP404sx with my Rode NT1

    Hey there, I'm trying to record directly into my sp404sx with a Rode NT1 microphone through my Scarlett 2i4 interface (using Ableton as a DAW). Currently I am succesfully getting signal, however, I am only getting signal on one side in the SP404. Any help would be much appreciated, being able...
  17. rojarosguitar

    AKG A-51 swivel (knuckle joint) for C451/CK1 etc...

    Hello, I'm looking intensly for an AKG A51 swivel joint to mount CK1 on C451 bodies angled from the axis... Seems to be difficult to get these days (I don't know why so many companies discontinue their cool stuff!) If you happen to have one in good working order and would like to sell it...
  18. Colin

    Not another drum mic question...

    I hate to do this. I have to. I want to mic my drums. So here it goes... I have a Shure Sm57 as an overhead mic. I have an Audio Technica At2020, (Which I'm cleverly using as a bass drum mic.) I might try to use it as an overhead. And I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. I have the share sm57 as...
  19. audiokid

    The '3 drummer solo' spectacular!!!

    Nice job micing these guys up.
  20. rojarosguitar

    Royer SF-12 with Fetheads vs. Royer SF-24

    I wonder how the Royer SF-24 active stereo ribbon would compare to the passive Royer SF-12 run through FetHead or Cloudlifter impedance matching preamps? Does anybody have experience of comparing first hand? Is SF24 quieter? Better sounding? Or maybe not? Comments very much appreciated!