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millennia stt-1

millenna stt-1 or Focusrite isa 430 or Focusrite red 7 ?


i have a Manley gold mic.
and i would like to know whats the best pre amp for that mic.

i wanna a transparente, clear, open and super big sound.

i have the 3D Pre CD Volume 1, Preamps in Paradise-Preamp Summit DVD-ROM, 3D Mic CD and ADCD Converter CD . :)

i kown there are GORDON, BUZZ AUDIO, GML... but in CD i prefer the Millennia or the focusrite.

but i dont know what to buy. is RED 7 better than 430 ?

is Millennia more open and big than Focusrite ?

thanks a lot

Great River MP-2NV or Millennia STT-1?

Hello--I'm new to this forum and am hoping for some informed opinion on the choice of a new preamp for my home studio. My setup: Digi002 and a G5, with a Drawmer compressor and a Langevin dual mono pre. Mics include an AKG C414, an AT4050, a Neumann 184 and SM57 & 58.

I record primarily acoustic material--guitar, violin, mandolin, National steel guitar--but also electric bass and guitar and lap steel, and I use a Fantom X8 for sequencing.

Looking for good friends for STT-1, VMP-4000 and ISA428…


I’ve finally got my business running quite nice and euros are coming in… it’s time to spend it all before my girlfriend wastes it on shoes! ;)

I have a small studio where I do mostly commercials and tv-themes. Since I also want to do some rock stuff that I can’t record in my “closet”, I’ve decided to build a mobile recording rack.

So far I have a laptop, rme fireface, and following mic pre’s:

Millennia Origin (thanks Kurt for recommending this, its just what I needed!)

AValon VT737 vs. Millenia STT-1 vs. Pendulum Quartet vs. Ma

. . . Manley Vox Box.

I am ready to commit up to $3000-$3500 to get a channel strip/combo that will really excel in getting the big, warm, present and defined vocal recording sound.

Would love to be able to get away with the tried and true Avalon VT737 . . . but wonder if the extra cost is worth going further up for the Millennia, PEndulum and Manley [and opinions between them] - How big a bang in further getting that big, warm, present, and defined pro vocal sound do the others deliver over the AValon and each other?

Langevin DVC vs ISA 220 vs Millennia STT-1 for Live Vocals

I am looking for front end unit for live vocals. My plan is to either use a Focusrite ISA 220, Langevin DVC or a Millennia STT-1 running to a BSS Aduio DPR 901 II and then into an Eventide Orville for effects.

The unit will be a front end for a male vocal that can get rather high and shrill and tends to be somewhat chaotic/versatile (that is the reason for the DPR).