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mix advice

Mix/master advice


it's been a long time since I have posted in this forum. Hope everybody is well.

I'm still working on my album but I'm getting close with the release sometime in june and I need some fresh set of critical ears.
Here is the latest version of the title track and though I'm quite happy with it, I lack the proper monitoring facilities to make the final judgement.
So please listen to my song and tell me if there is something awkward or off-sounding or if it is okay the way it is.


Mix and mastering advice

We just finished an album recording in a home studio using pro tools.

the album has bee mixed and mastered by our engineer.

we are overall happy with it ... but feel that it is missing something. What that is we aren’t sure but it lacks that ‘finished’ or ‘radio ready’ feel that commercial releases have.

when comparing it to other releases it doesn’t seem to be as cohesive or glued together for lack of another way of describing it.

here is a link to one of the songs.

Ten Years Gone - Mix advice

I recorded another Zeppelin N4N cover with a guest vocalist - this time Ten Years Gone. This track is all me except the vocals - drums are hand programmed note by note in Superior Drummer 3 for ref. I'm trying to match (and improve) on the Zeppelin mix - Mine's a little brighter probably and lacking the warmth but it's a fairly dynamic song with lots of complexity - so perfect for mix practicing.

Is there anything immediate and obvious here that jumps out? Anything obviously egregious or telling? I'll spend the next 4 or 5 refining this and would love some feedback.

Mix advice, please

Hi folks - I'm a new member here and want to say thank you for having me. My bandmates and I are beginning to mix a few of the tunes on our new CD and I'd greatly appreciate any constructive criticism. I'm open-minded to any comments you may have on any/all 3 of these mixes. Thank you in advance.

The Reckoning - original song mix advice

Here's a new song of mine - came together pretty quick - interested in any mix critique and also strategies to tame the lead vocal - I'm not sure exactly what I'm trying to do - I don't think it's just volume envelope I'm after, but I don't know if I need some sort of compression or limiter or something to keep it out front but taming the idiosyncratic phrases or loud parts. I'm not sure how you guys accomplish that.

Many Thanks

The Reckoning Mix#2

Alternative/Indie/Rock Mix Advice

Hey all, I've been doing some home recording for bands I've played in for years, but I've always struggled to produce mixes that are both full, and dynamic sounding.

My mixes have a tendency to sound too 'clean' and therefore empty. I think I've been slowly improving as i go, but there is only so much i feel i can develop just by reading and doing. I think its time for some actual interaction and feedback from other people that know what they are doing.

I'm looking for criticism, tips, helpful advice, whatever, on this mix.


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