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This one's near and dear: polishing an old song for release - Mix thoughts?

Hi guys. You've heard this song years ago. We got a pretty clean mix then but I never released the song as it had video game samples in it that I didn't have clearance for. Well I've changed that - stripped them all out and made my own sounds so it's time to get this ready for release after all these years.

Pines of Caroline

I'm working on an original bluegrass tune and trying to get the mixing right to make sure there's space for everything. I haven't added any compression or reverb, but have used the EQ on the separate tracks and some panning. Is anything sticking out like a sore thumb that you can hear that I should fix?

Attached files Pines of Caroline.mp3 (4.2 MB) 

Another rolls off the WWA production line: "Lover Who Won't"

In this round in the studio, we've taken a little bit of a different tack. I write the material and normally sing it, but my drummer is in several bands, and he plays in one w/ his brother in law.

His brother in law has a distinctive tone to his voice that I like, so I had him come in and demo on of our rock oriented pieces. He's done two so far, and I've got him tracking a couple more to see if his voice simply trumps mine in better deliverance of the material.