1. Tony Carpenter

    Event Opal vs adding KRK Rockit 10-3

    Hi gang, After the discussions I have been involved in, it occurred to me to ask this question. It's all very well and good to get myself the Dangerous Monitor ST, but, what about my existing speakers. As I mentioned in another thread, I do have 10 year old Mackie Hr824s. These were a step up...
  2. masterdeeno

    first studio monitor

    I'm looking to buy my first studio monitor to be connected to my Behringer mixer. I am currently using an active EV loudspeaker to playback my music, but I figured it has its own EQ that kind of masks the output from my source. I also have a monitoring headphone, but I find it very...
  3. DonnyThompson

    Out of phase monitors

    An idiot. A moron. Feel free to agree with me. I deserve it, after finding out - while doing some critical listening to some tracks - that for two weeks now I've been listening to my monitors with the right side connected out of phase. :notworthy: I'm not even gonna put a flame suit on. I...
  4. audiokid

    Sirius SUB-X1 Universal Plug 'n' Play Boombox

    Need an optional portable monitor for your laptop, wow... This boombox is amazing for checking your mixes.
  5. AKG K702 headphones amplifier

    hello people, Recently my Shure srh940 broke and I've started to look up some new headphones to mix and master with in my home studio. I've decided to go with the AKG k702 but I saw that a lot of people said they need a good amplifier with them to really use them to they're full potential. So I...
  6. audiokid

    Hearing Test – Can You Hear This?

    I've not tried this yet, but though it would be of interest.
  7. Genelec 1038A 3 Way Studio Monitor Speakers

    I have acquired 5 each Genelec 1038A 3 way monitors in excellent condition. I also managed to pick up a Genelec 1094A Subwoofer in the package. These were replaced in 2004 by the 1038B... not a huge amount of difference between the models. These retailed for close to $9K each... I would...
  8. audiokid

    Dynaudio BM6A M

    Monitors Dynaudio BM6A (mosfets) these are the choice of both BM6 to own. Boxed and ready to ship . $ 900 Paypal only USD only you pay S/H
  9. ChrisH

    Swapping Avantone Mixcubes for Yamaha NS10's

    Would like some information from people who've owned both mixcubes and ns10's. I'm looking to swap out my mixcubes for some ns10's, the mixcubes are useful, however I'm thinking I could get everything I get out of the mixcubes out of some NS10's plus the low-mids (where my Adam A77x's are too...
  10. DonnyThompson

    do you follow manufacturer's recommendations...

    On near-field placement? I have a pair of Alesis Monitor Ones (passive) and even though the brand name appears upright while on their sides, Alesis actually recommends that for optimum results, the speaker cabinets should be placed upright - with the tweet on top, centered directly over the...
  11. pcrecord

    Any thoughts about the Yamaha HS7 as near field monitors ?

    I have some old ysm1 from Yorkville and wonder if the Yamaha would be upgrades or not.. Tx
  12. How do i connect all this together?

    Hi guys, i plan on buying 2 Tannoy 502s and a sub ts 2.10, my question is, how do i connect all that to the pc? Do i need a sound interface like, for example, Focusrite Scarlet 2i2? That one or a different one? Also, i have 4 passive speakers(not monitors) atm, 2 for each channel(left and...
  13. LSR6332

    I'm looking at getting 3 LSR6332s to run as the LCR in my home theater. I'm wondering if anyone here is using these monitors and if so, what are you using to power them? Thanks in advance. -Sean
  14. smaller replacements for jbl 4410s?

    for years i've used three jbl 4412 speakers across the front and two jbl 4410's for surround. i've always been very happy with this setup. now, however, i'm in a slightly smaller space and can't position the 4410's correctly for surround. there just isn't enough wall space for a proper mounting...
  15. Active monitors - front port vs back port

    Hello all, new member here.. I just discovered this forum based on a referral. Looks like a great collection of very knowledgable folks hang out around here. I have lots of reading to do! I am looking at various models of active studio monitors with a budget of up to $1500 for a pair. These...
  16. Neumann KH120A monitors (w/stands), E-MU 0404 USB audio interface

    Note: Local pickup in Austin, TX preferred for monitors, but I'll ship too. FS: Neumann KH120A monitors with Ultimate Support MS80B desktop stands - $1250 shipped, $1200 local pickup I bought all of these new at the same time from American Musical Supply in November 2013. They have 5.25"...
  17. KRK v8 powered studio monitors $320ea

    Krk v8 powered studio monitor speakers. 4 for sale. like new. made in California. $320 each. or $1000 for all. call/text 845309-5065 Located in upstate NY a hour and a half from NYC. thanks
  18. vaibhav dewangan

    Any suggestion for "KRK Rokit 8 RP8G3 Powered Studio Monitor", i am going to purchase this.

    hello frns, i am going to buy this monitor, i am going to use this monitor for mixing and mastering. i know i am new to this mixing n master, its not every one's cup of tea, but i wanna make my few decent composition... well, i have a separate room of size10*12ft having two sofa set, wall is not...
  19. jfiles

    Genelec 1092a Subwoofer

    Hi - Looking for a used Genelec 1092a Subwoofer in good condition (cosmetically and functionally). If you you've got one, let me know. Thanks! John
  20. Aaron Merrill

    Dynaudio M3 Professional Full-Range Studio Monitors

    Dynaudio M3A Professional Studio Monitors. (yes, these are pictures of the actual speakers for sale, not stock photos...and I don't know why the one picture is sideways, but it is...) These are amazing studio speakers! One of the top studio monitors, used in hundreds of high-end studios around...