1. Brxdsky


    Dear Community, I'd like to get the input of someone who has used Scarlett Mix Control on a 2nd Gen. Scarlett 18i20 to create monitor paths with the various analog outputs. I am currently seeking help from experts about audio interfaces and monitors. I work at a music studio that...
  2. Max Rays Music

    Front and Rear of Control Room

    In 1978, when I was a grad student at North Texas, we were installing a new master control room for the College of Music. Back then, the discussion had to do with contrasting front and rear wall treatments. Our room was designed with a live front, monitors mounted on a wooden wall, with the rear...
  3. S

    Studio monitor Check

    Please I need help for this.....(I'm about buying an M audio monitor but what's the difference between Bx5 carbon and Bx5 d3....and are they both good for professional mixing and mastering atleast for small room pad....thank you
  4. I


    I am planning to buy a low cost monitor for my homestudio mixing. Most offen i work with flute tracks. Do you prefer below monitor for my purpose ?
  5. Dashby

    Studio Monitors Lifeless

    I have a pair of M-Audio BX5s, I powered them on last Sunday and one of them did not respond. I have tried different sockets, different wires & also tried replacing the fuse that comes with the monitors as a spare to no avail. I have messaged M-Audios support page but as usual have not received...
  6. Brother Junk

    Some $8k-$11k monitor impressions (ATC SCM25A, Hedd Type 30, Quested V3110)

    I drank a coffee today and cannot sleep. Thus, I'll spend some time here while it's fresh in my mind. The ATC SCM25A's were oriented as ATC suggests, with the woofers to the outside. The midrange dispersion is so massive it works this way. Plus to have them the opposite way, would have ports...
  7. RecoCham

    Second set of monitors

    I have been using Yamaha MSP5 in my home studio for some time now and I am loving it. I am thinking of adding another set of monitors. The application is composing and mixing multi track music - mic and instrument tracks as well as programmed instrument tracks. Any suggestion for monitors...
  8. D

    Too much highs from A Mid-Range

    I have A pair of Towers that are sufficient in the Bass and Treble region, could use some improvement in the mid-range.I do not plan on dumping a lot of money into these since they are Welton A rather cheap brand.You know... the Rent A Center distribution model. These speakers are so bright with...
  9. Chickenwomp

    Why are my monitors making this sound?

    yo can someone tell me what the hell is going on with my monitors? they were working fine and then i moved my desk around and now they sound like this
  10. paulears

    Replacement for Tannoy DMT 15 monitors

    Ever since I have had them, I've realised they're a bit like Marmite - people love them or hate them, but I have realy liked mine, however, I sold them before christmas to an enthusiast, and I'd like to replace them. Trouble is, I really don't know what to buy. Ideally something similar size as...
  11. vibrations1951

    Recommendations for a good listening room to audition monitors

    First, I live in Northern Maine at the end of I95 just before the Canadian border. I'm only doing research and will not likely be making a purchase until my professionally designed CR is completed. This could easily be a year or two in the future. Auditioning monitors here for recording and...
  12. M

    Really Need B&W Monitors for Mastering?

    Besides room acoustic, do we really need a B&W for Mastering reference? Or... a KRK 2.1 system will do? Perhaps, a Stereo pair does it job?
  13. J

    KRK Rokit, one speaker broke, repair, buy new pair or a single?

    Hi Folks, Any advice would be much appreciated. Have had a pair of KRK rp5 (gen 2) for some years and been very happy with them One recently failed (bass speaker not working). I am trying to decide whether to send for repair (out of warranty) which will cost £30 carriage there and back, £20...
  14. W

    "Voltage-Spike(?)" in Speakers when Playback starts

    Often (not always), when I start playing a sound file or video on my Laptop (MacBook Pro), I get a very audible "spike/click" in my speakers (Dynaudio BM5 MK3, connected via Presonous Audiobox USB) before the playback starts. This happens especially often, when listening to something on the...
  15. DonnyThompson

    PreSonus Eris monitors - thoughts?

    I'm curious to know if anyone here at RO has had a chance to mix through PreSonus's Eris monitors, and if so, what size have you used, and what your thoughts on them are. If you've used them, did you find that your mixes translated well to other speakers and/or systems? -d.
  16. ChrisH

    Approach to using Multiple Sets of Monitors for Mixing

    Howdy! A lot of people these days (including myself) use and own multiple sets of monitor speakers for mixing. This really got me thinking about how there is so many ways to apply multiple sets of speakers while mixing. For example (just a couple different ways) you could... 1. Use your...
  17. drubu

    Type of monitor? Too many choices!

    My monitors that I have known and loved for 10+ years are "on their way out." Time to select the perfect replacements and then spend the time and effort to get to know them intimately. My question has less to do with brand or model, but more about the component/arrangement of the monitors...
  18. kmetal

    Budget monitors for the meantime

    hey fellas, Just wanted to get your thoughts on some budget monitors for my inteterim period of about a year. I'm planning on building a multi purpose room in my parents basement with a 350 sqft dedicated room for music making, editing, mixing, and design work. I'm going to outfit it w...
  19. audiokid

    Grace Design m905 monitor controller

    The Grace m905 monitor controller looks absolutely amazing. Grace Design m905 Digital Converter/Monitor Controller Overview - Sweetwater Sound - YouTube by audiokid posted Jun 10, 2016 at 5:23 PM
  20. B

    speaker out from amp and speakers on patch bay?

    hi I'm trying to put my surround and surround back speakers as well as surround and back surround speaker out's from a 7.1 amp on a TRS patchbay. I have cheap speakers hard wired to the ceiling and I just got some real nice JBL movie theater speakers for the back surround. Netflix is mostly...