1. Problem with Event ASP8 Monitor - any ideas what it is please?

    Hi all One of my Event ASP8s has developed a recent fault. Sometimes when I first switch them on, there's a fair bit of interference coming from it. It's kind of like a wind blowing type noise with a bit of crackle too. Quite static like sounding too - if that makes any sense! And for the...
  2. InsaneGenius

    1202fx how do I monitor vocals with effects and tape input while recording dry vocal?

    I have a little mixer called the Behringer Xenyx 1202 FX What I would like to do is monitor my vocals with the effects from the mixer along with the output from my computer's sound card through the headphone Jack on the mixer. But when recording, only record the dry vocals back into my...
  3. Apogee Duet and Studio Monitors Question???

    I was wondering what cables i should use to hook up the studio monitors to the apogee duet... Balanced or Unbalanced? The duet has unbalanced trs outputs and the studio monitors have balanced trs inputs and balanced xlr inputs. Does it even matter or can it "HURT" anything? thanks
  4. Separate monitor mixer setup..

    Quick questions... I know that some groups have separate monitor mixers on stage. Just curious, but how do they get the inputs of the FOH board and the monitor board to correspond? Where does the signal split? Would I have to run a cable from every channel from the FOH to the inputs on the...
  5. Just ordered PM0.4N monitor (room placement?)

    this will be my first legitimate pair of monitors so plz feel free to flame my choice as it is too late at this point for me to send em back... anyhow the reason I picked these over others was that everything I read about these said that they are nothing special but are very flat. hopefully they...
  6. How Many Speakers

    We have a community room in a apt. building that is 42x28. They have a need to play the tv in the room and also want 2 wireless microphones. My thought was a crown 180MC amp with 70 volt ceiling speakers. How many speakers, what kind is best. Any thoughts on microphones, my thought was...
  7. Bm6a cms65

    Hello guys i'm thinking of buying one of these two monitors and i am wondering whether i will need a sub. my room is 3,50m x 2,80m and i'm producing trance. i would like to buy an 8" monitor though. again i don't know if my room will be ok for it. can you also commend on this image. i'm...
  8. Learn2fly

    the Best choice under $500 studio Monitor ?

    Hi all, do you have any suggestion which the best monitor under $500? mostly I am working with acoustic guitar, contra bass. cello, flute and vocal. Cheers, Learn2fly
  9. Can Someone Recommend (Inexpensive) Mixing Speakers?

    I'm currently using a couple of tiny and cheap desktop speakers to mix and I recognize I'll need something with power to pick up on subtleties in the sound, so if anyone could recommend something in the $100-200 range or just laugh at me because you can't get anything worthwhile at that price...
  10. Are NS10's really all that?

    I need to get some monitors for my little recording setup. I have heard that yamaha's NS 10's are the way to go as far as reference monitors. Are there any that are better that are cheaper. i do not want to spend over $150 and with the ns 10's i would need to get an amp too.
  11. Need Help with Mixer/Monitors

    Just bought myself Rokit 5 (powered) monitors to use on my laptop and plugged them into my mixer via XLR (from Rokit) to quarter inch cables TRS into the Main output of my mixer. I have the Behringer 1202 mixer Plugged into my comp using the normal red/white cables into the appropriate place...
  12. Headphones vs. Studio Monitors

    Ok I've looked and I haven't seen a thread for this but if there is please redirect me. I am currently using a pair of Shure Critical Listening Headphones to do ALL of my mixing, recording etc etc etc... Anyways I noticed that a LOT if not all of you here use Studio Monitors, And I'm wondering...
  13. Tannoy DC-200's

    Hey guys, it breaks my heart, but I'm thinking of selling my Tannoy DC-200's, both in great condition. Are they worth much these days?
  14. audiokid

    B&C Speakers

    B&C Speakers Designing and manufacturing sound transducers since 1945. Our focus is on high quality loudspeakers, high frequency drivers, and horns for the audio marketplace. Florence, Italy
  15. BobRogers

    $1K Monitor wedge recommendations

    I did sound at a local theater yesterday and they were running these [=""]EAW Wedges[/]. I was pretty impressed, and I may recommend them for our church. What direct competitors should I look at?
  16. Help? noob with firestudio and KRK Rokits, not getting sound.

    hey, im having some trouble. i installed studio one, drivers, etc onto my computer, plugged my monitors into my firestudio project, restarted my comp, plugged the firestudio in, and im not getting any sound. im trying to hear itunes or youtube and nothing. i have gone into sound preferences to...
  17. [?] HELP [?] TASCAM US-122 + KRK ROKIT 5 G2's = STATIC

    Each speaker plays static. Even when no audio input cables are plugged in. I'm a noob with audio settings with my new KRK Rokit 5 G2's and i don't want to turn a bunch of knobs I know very little about. I live in a large apartment building. Is it possible that the power to my apartment is not...
  18. First Post!! Buying Yamaha's HS50M Monitors Tomorrow

    HEY GUYS!!!!! Man im a glad i found this forum. I'm a member in another one but that one is more about production and not recording. Anyways I haven't been recording for about 2 years but now getting back into it. Tomorrow im buying my first new piece since i bought my old equipment back in...
  19. ThirdBird

    Listening Speakers/Monitors

    For normal recreational listening, are there any advantages/disadvantages to listening through speakers versus monitors. From what I understand normal stereo speakers color the sound in pleasurable ways, to make the sound more warm and fuzzy. Also, aren't monitors are designed to provide...
  20. Power Amplifiers for Passive monitors

    Hello all, relatively new to this field of music--long time listener, noob producer--anyways Im picking up a pair of Tannoy Reveal 601P's very soon. Heres a link to the manual--page 12 lists the specs so I have...