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    C 414 B-XL II Vs Rode NTV (Shrill Vocalist)

    I'm recording a band with quite a shrill sounding vocalist. Its high, screamy, and screetchy. I have a C414 that goes through a Great River MP-1NV into a presonus interface into logic. I am considering getting something else to soften, and improve the week spots of the vocals. here is an...
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    RODE NTV + TLA 5051

    Anybody have some experience with that mic? I have one NTV and TLA preamp 5051. Not bad, but I´m not satisfied with sound. My input volume on TLA is very low, any stronger signal from mic causes distortion on preamp, DRIVE diode lightning and sound is very much in midrange. Is it good...
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    RODE NTV , NTK , SP T3

    Anyone tried these? I currently use a Neuman TLM103 which I like a lot but wish to add a new option. I was considering the BLUE Mouse, but these (Rode NTV or NTK and the SP T3) sound interesting. Or are they a step down from what I'm using. Mostly Male Vocal use.