online mixing

  1. Martin Antonsson

    Online/remote mixing and mastering service

    Hi! Based out of Sweden, I am offering mixing and mastering services to help your music get heard by more people and get that professional sounding mix that we are used to on the radio and our favourite bands. Different deals depending on the situation and project. I want us all to feel...
  2. Andrew Sniahirou

    Online mixing service - Soundchop Studio

    Do you want your music to sound loud and punchy? Soundchop Studio will help you turn your recorded tracks into studio quality releases! Hi, my name is Andrew Sniahirou, and I’m a sound engineer at Soundchop Studio. I offer mixing and mastering of guitar music – all kinds of metal, rock, and...
  3. The Mix Domain

    New Mixing and Mastering Website!

    Hello fellow musicians and producers, I am here to promote a new online mixing and mastering service, (link below) specialising in audio production for bands, solo artists and orchestras. My site also offers video mixing and mastering tutorials as well as a blog dedicated to audio production...