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Prism Sound Orpheus on Acoustic - Your Thoughts

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I've included a link to an acoustic guitar being recorded through a Prism Sound Orpheus. The stock pres were also used, along with a Neumann U87 mic.

There are no effects or EQ. The file is completely raw from that perspective.

http://www.eternals…"]Orpheus Test[/]="http://www.eternals…"]Orpheus Test[/]

What are your thoughts?


Anyone Tried A Prism Orpheus?

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I am looking to build a professional sounding studio around my quad core DAW intel 9550 / PC. I have been on the lookout for a suitable mixer having been advised from several people despite current trends of going mixerless, mixers are the way to go. However as I have been asking around I have also been told firewire is actually slower than interfacing with pci socket. Now to beat all this a guy from funky Junk, not Mark the other dude has advised me dont focus on a mixer get a Prism Orpheus.