1. audiokid

    AT5045P on drums

    AT5045 sounds great on drums /overheads. These look like an excellent all round instrument mic. What do you think? The clips look easy to position and lock. Beautiful kit.
  2. audiokid

    The Brian Setzer Orchestra Live - FOH Engineer Jimbo Neal using Royers

    Front of House Engineer Jimbo Neal takes us behind the scenes with the Brian Setzer Orchestra, showing how he uses Royer and Mojave Audio microphones to get Brian's live sounds. To add more choices, here is a look at Mojave and Royer mics. They are a bit higher priced mics but you can always...
  3. Chris Perra

    Weathervane/Decca Tree overhead micing setup..

    Did some testing with the Weathervane/Decca Tree overhead micing setup.. Took forever to setup.. Pretty cool.. too bad my ceiling is low..
  4. What mics would you use?

    Hey guys. New to this forum. My band is going to be demoing Drums (possibly "tracking" if it sounds good) for an ep here in a few weeks. Outboard gear is fine, close mics for drums are fine. Room is...bad. I'm aware of it, I'm doing what I can with it. Its a tall cement room. 20 ft tall. 15x15...
  5. Drum overheads - mic preferences

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my drum overheads from AKG C 1000 S' to either Shure SM81's or AKG C 214's. Price and versatility are factors, but the main use will be as drum overheads. Any opinions or advice is very much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. vibrations1951

    My daughter's wedding ceremony overhead mics

    My daughter asked me to help out with her outdoor wedding. Among other things she needs me to do, I need to mic the minister and the happy couple. I don't have lavalieres and don't want to mess with cordless rigs. I'll be running the mics through a Mackie vlz pro 16, using the mixer pres. I can...
  7. kmetal

    Why does almost every concert i go to/see use a space pair for overheads?

    I almost never see x/y used whenever stereo OH's are used on stage. This is from club gigs to stadiums, just curious as to why a spaced pair seems to be the predominating choice? thanks! -kyle
  8. lambchop

    Suggestions for inexepensive drum overhead mics

    So; I have around $300-400 that I can spend on purchasing some drum overheads for my home studio. I'd like to replace the cheap MXL 603's that I've been using with, I guess, "less" cheap ones. I've been reading some interesting things on different sites about the Avantone CK-1's and the Kel...
  9. ChrisH

    SDC for overheads

    I'll be getting a pair of good small diaphragm condensers, here in a couple months. Would like those of you with experience with these mics to describe how there character in sound. They'll be used as overheads to track drums for all genres, and they'll be my main SDC's Rode NT55's Shure...
  10. ChrisH

    Rode NT5s or NT1000s for drum overheads?

    Hi everyone, I can't decide in between a pair of NT5's or a pair of NT1000's for drum overheads. I use overheads as the main mics, I place them to pickup the boom of the toms, not just the cymbals. I'm looking for a big open sound. The price difference is not an issue.
  11. BobRogers

    Royer SF-12 on overheads

    So my Royer SF-12 came today. I'm in love. Tried it on drum overhead. Just the damned stereo mic 2 feet over the center of the kit in Blumlein. I'm blown away. A beautiful image of the whole kit. Best picture of the cymbals I've heard. Lovely natural sound of the toms. For some genres I...
  12. Peavey VMP2 for drums overheads?

    Hi. I was wondering if someone used the preamp Peavey VMP2 pre for drum overheads, or for a Glyn Johns setup overheads? Opinions are welcomed! Thanks in advance!

    Hi everyone, hope all is happy tracking. Was wondering if you had to choose between the Rode NT1's or NT5"s for overhead which you do cats prefer?
  14. overhead drum mics recomendations?

    Just looking to get some opinions about which mics everyone prefers to use for recording drums overhead.
  15. audiokid

    using ultimate support lighting stands for overheads Choirs

    I'm going to be needing help over the next month preparing for our cities Royal Conservatory competition choirs. This is my first time recording choirs. I'm needing overheads sometime here or in the future so I'm wondering what you all recommend I should buy or can I use these? I have two...
  16. Rode NT5 vs Oktave MK-012 for overheads/acoustic guitar

    I'm trying to decide between the nt5's and the mk012, mp. I need something that I can also use on acoustic guitar and overheads, and some day I'll get a better SDC for acoustic guitars etc. But for now I need something that will work well with both. I heard the nt5's are a bit harsh on the...
  17. C 414 XLS vs C 414 XL II for Overheads

    This is the kind of post I hate to make because I know the real answer is "listen and decide for yourself" - but I have to special order some mics in and will not be able to A/B them. I'll be using these for lots of applications, but their primary use for me is going to be as drum overheads...
  18. How/Can you get a good overhead sound from a spaced pair of se 2200's

    I know I should have asked the question here first, however, I was sold these mics as being the best I could get in a £400 (roughly) budget. It was made clear to the seller that I Ineeded them primarily for drum overheads, obviously if they came in handy for other instruments/vox that would be a...
  19. Marshall MXL 603s for overheads?

    I'm looking for a good set of condenser mics for overheads and found a pair of MXL 603s for a good price. Would these work well for drum overheads? Also, they are not a matched pair...should I be concerned?
  20. Heavy audio processing management for drum's close mics and overheads.

    Lately I'm re-listening some of the The Roots albums as well as some acts from electronic scene who use acoustic drums like Nerve. Songs like [="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qm7Xt2Qsjcg&feature=fvst"]YouTube - The Roots - The Next Movement[/]...