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Foam Pop Filter On Condenser Mic's When Recording Vocals?

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Hey everyone.

I have a RØDE NT1-A, and I'm not a big fan of its pop filter. Now, I've seen the band Queen have a condenser mic, similar to that RØDE (in terms of look of the instrument), and they used a pop filter like this on it:

I asked a Guitar Center employee what he thinks about it, and he basically gave me a weird look, but in my head I was thinking that (QUEEN DID IT & THEY KICKED ASS) lol

pop filters

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i got a 55.00 gift cert. to sweetwater from my girls for a birthday. bless them i need a few more zero's behind that anyway most of my work has been touring. I'm new to this recording world but i was thinking maybe a pop filter are there any out that that you could buy in that price range thxs for any input in advance. i've been busy recording and not having to get on a bus or plane. peace

Royer PS-101 Pop Filter

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21 years 3 months
Just compared the Royer PS-101 Pop Filter to my "Popper Stopper " and I like it a lot. Its made of steel so its obviously going to last forever compared to my nylon style with a run starting. It seems to be slightly clearer as well so I definitely recommend this. It is a bit heavier on a boom so that is something to take into consideration.

What other pop filters do you use?

Pop Filter

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A means of shielding microphone capsules from explosive burst of air from a performer's mouth. Made from an acoustically transparent material, pop filters can either be built into the surrounding mesh of the microphone itself, or more commonly made from material stretched across a separate circular form, and attached to a microphone stand close to the microphone.

Would this shockmount/pop filter fit a Shure SM57?

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11 years 9 months
Would this shockmount/pop filter fit a Shure SM57:…"]Buy Nady SSPF-4 Microphone Pop Filter | Pop Filters | Musician's Friend[/]="…"]Buy Nady SSPF-4 Microphone Pop Filter | Pop Filters | Musician's Friend[/].

Pop Filters - Which to use?

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Many of you know I am going to pick up a AT4040 next week. with a popfilter a preamp, for doing podcast development. I had a pop filter picked out, which was the kind that is a glove style goes over the top of the mic. There is also the other style which hangs in front of it and circular. Is there a audio benefit to either of them.

I opted for the glove style so it doesn't block so much space on my desk. But I figured I better ask now before I find that the circular windscreen is far better for me.