power supply

  1. Help! Soundcraft cps275

    My cps275 +/- 17V light is not on, is it causing stop give the power to my console? I can see the lights on and off a sec when I shut down the cps275 on my console. Checked the fuse, doesn't seems like blew. Does anyone know what is happening?
  2. Vitalie Andries

    Vintech Audio x73i - Power Supply

    Hello everybody. I purchased a vintech audio x73i, and I have a question for experts... Power supply is for 120v/60Hz; but in our country is 220v... So i need to buy a transformer from 220v to 110v. My question is; if anybody knows that's the power consumption of "vintech power supply"? ...
  3. haus

    separate phantom power supply

    Hi. I'm new to recording and had a few basic questions. At least... I imagine they're basic. 1. I have a mic that requires phantom power - does anyone have any suggestions on a simple, good "clean" phantom power unit? Are there some features I should look for aside from just power? 2. I have...
  4. DrGonz

    Presonus Firestudio Project - Needs power supply schematic

    Asking on behalf of a fellow member on another electronics repair forum. He seems to have a bad a resistor that is some type of 1/4 resistor that is right beside the bridge rectifier. Obviously, these new types of schematics are tough to come by... However, the year of the device is 2007 and all...
  5. In need of a Power Supply for a Alesis Multimix 8 USB (18V) (Will pay)

    I was just given the Alesis Multimix 8 USB but my friend had accidentally thrown out the power supply with some other old electronics. As it would turn out, this is very hard to find. There are no after-market power supplies made, as far as I can tell. The specs are 18V 500 mA and here is a...
  6. bksanders

    Dc power supply array - rack mounted

    Hello All, New here but been doing this since the 300 Baud days of BBS'es (So probably know some of you cats!) Soliciting help with my new project. Replacing wall-warts with arrays Currently have multiple (10+) [="http://vintageking.com/presonus-16v-power-supply"]Presonus 120VAC 23W - 16v 1000...
  7. Vintage Mixing Console needs Power Supply HELP?

    i had an 80's Walker Mixing Console givin to me without a power supply here are some photos - any leads/help?
  8. does m-audio fasttrack act as a power supply?

    does m-audio fasttrack act as a power supply for a Microphone?

    I have a Fostex 2412 mixer (EU version) at home, and it is missing its power supply. I have searched over the web but nothing really comes up. Does any one know of a replacement or have one lying around they are not using? attached is a photo of the power connection. Thank you Rune
  10. audiokid

    100ft run or more, 48 v power supply location

    Another first for me here. I have 100 ft run to the piano. Using Mojave MA100's SP for the first time. They come with its own PS. The micpre's have 48v too. Do I use one or the other or both in a long run or longer runs? Do you ever need to use both to ramp anything up lada lada lada?
  11. BobRogers

    Housing/Power supply racks for 500 series preamps, etc.

    500 series preamps are a pretty popular item for discussion around here. I thought I would start a thread on the racks that hold these units. I'm going to give it a go as a first shot and as new or better information comes in I will edit this first post to try and make a pretty comprehensive...
  12. Help! Groove Tubes 6TM Power Supply cable Pin out schematic/ ADAT Elco to 1/4" snaKes

    I have an old Groove Tubes 6TM mic with the PS1 Vacuum tube power supply. The mic end looks like the Groove Tubes EC7 cable in that it has a 7-pin connector. The power supply end looks like an 9-pin ADAT sync connector almost like a vga computer display connector. I am in need of the pin out...
  13. mdb

    Pulling The Power Supply OTB - Benefits?

    What are the benefits of relocating the power supply from inside a piece of gear and into it's own external box? Electrical interference reduction maybe? I've notice a number of really high-end preamps having this feature. When I get my new Trident S40 preamp I'm wondering if it would make any...
  14. kmetal

    Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

    The 1 month old APC backup unit employed on my studio failed twice today, once last week. Yes there are shoddy power issues in the building. We have multiple breakers in our sub-board but haven't popped. These issues are for the electrician. My concern is that an $80 powerstrip with a battery...
  15. NADY TCM 1050 and M-audio Sputnik power supply

    I Have a M-audio Sputnik microphone, but the problem is, that i don't have a power supply for it, which is a big problem because it is a 7-pin multi-pattern large diaphragm vacuum tube condense microphone, and there is no way to get it I live in Czech republic and here it's impossible to order...
  16. Link555

    200VDC Power Supply- Linear Regulator Design

    I am trying to improve my 200VDC power supply by making a simple linear regulator....nothing is ever simple... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linear_regulator Ok so I have this zener based relator with a BJT working with a 1 Meg pot across the zener, the base of the bjt is hooked up to the wiper...
  17. Joemeek VC3Q power supply

    Does anybody use/know of the JoeMeek VC3Q? I have the op to buy one without the power supply...examination of back panel pics show that the unit is imprinted with "use only power supply provided" and "12v AC". Does anybody know what the amps rating of the provided power supply is? I am being...
  18. Power Supply?

    hey everyone its me again does anyone know where i can (or send me the link) where i can find the power supply (chord) for the behringer eurorack mx 802A mixer? I really need this chord so that i can power my mixer thanks guys :)
  19. Layering tracks: power supply problem

    I recently received an SM57 and an M-Audio Fast Track which connects to my laptop via USB (and is thus powered through this connection). The Fast Track has a headphone jack on it with which I can hear either the laptop audio output or what I'm recording live, depending on the mixer knob setting...
  20. Phantom Power Supply

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a good, highly regulated, phantom power supply. My Emu 1820M's phantom power supply is jacked up, FOR THE SECOND TIME. Bought the Emu, 7 months later, PREAMP PROBLEMS, I got a new on on warranty, 8 months later, same thing. Exact same problem. Now Im out of...