1. pcrecord

    My first look on the UK Sound 1173

    Hi gang ! I finally got time to finish and post my video on the 1173. Let me know what you think !!! ;)
  2. fay

    Preamp isn't picking up microphone

    [Solved :)] Hi, I am fairly new to the world of XLR mics. I recently got a Rode NTK microphone and a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd gen pre-amp. I use a Macbook Pro along with Ableton Live Lite and Adobe Audition. I have tried everything I can, but the preamp is not picking up the mic. I will...
  3. popechop

    Preamps for recording Godin & Taylor

    Hi everyone, new to the forum! I'm looking into buying a preamp that works well for recording both a Godin Multiac (just using the direct sound) and a Taylor 714ce. But for different reasons. For the Godin, I'm looking for new colors. I want to have options for some bite, beef, or low end...
  4. A

    Changing Tubes - Art Tubeopto 8

    Hi! Ive read a few threads about changing the tubes on the Art Tubeopto 8. I got my hands on some vintage telefunken ecc83 smooth plates and I can’t wait to hear how these sound! Several of the threads I’ve found note that you need to remove the tube snubbers before you pull out the tubes and...
  5. mithatsefa

    Preamp For Rap

    I have Rme Adi 2 Pro Fs and Black Hole BH1s mic. I need preamp. which preampi should i take? I am waiting for your suggestions.
  6. Norman Fernandez

    Need some Preamplifier suggestions

    Can you'll please suggest some good Preamps. Looking for a Good set-up that all good studios should have. Budget, Mid to High Thanks! Regards Norman.
  7. pcrecord

    Le launcher : That Magic Little Box ??

    Have you seen this new product, soon coming, form Soyuz ?? Text from the site : The Launcher is not meant to be transparent and clean like other “gain boosters” on the market. Imagine taking a piece of a vintage analog console and putting it in a magic little box. It’s no longer a fantasy...
  8. pcrecord

    Attenuators with transformer preamps, a good idea ??

    Hi gang, You know I own a few Focusrite ISA preamps. I'm considering buying a few attenuators to allow me to drive the transformer a bit harder and try to pull out a bit more mojo. I currently record tracks with a peak range between -18db to -10db (on the preamp and on the DAW). So my...
  9. F

    Does the quality of the audio interface matter if you have an external preamp?

    Hello, I’m an aspiring audio engineer and I am looking to build a home studio for Rap/HipHop. I have a few questions I couldn’t really find anywhere online, the first one being that does the audio interface matter if I’m purchasing the preamp. I am aware that there are preamps built into the...
  10. audiokid

    How the Pros Choose Microphone Preamps

    When it comes to iconic mic preamps, the "Big Four" manufacturers — Neve, API, SSL, and Universal Audio — are responsible for some of the most revered preamps ever made. Hardware like the Neve 1073 and API's 512 and 212L mic preamps, as well as classic SSL pres and Universal Audio's own 610 tube...