1. Sean G

    Primacoustic Nimbus Ceiling Cloud - Anyone Have One?

    I was looking at these ceiling clouds by Primacoustics...they measure 24 inches x 48 inches x 2 inches Perfect for the area I want to cover above my mix position Has anyone out there had any experience with or used / currently using this one? What attracts met to this particular one is not...
  2. niclaus

    primacoustic crashguard

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone heard of that, or even tried it: [=""]Pro Audio Gear: Primacoustic CrashGuard Drum Mic Sheild/Cymbal Attenuator[/] Good day to you all! N.
  3. Egg Carton Matress Padding

    I don't have the funds at least right now to buy the real sound foam, but do you think getting a couple of those eggcarton mattress pads for my garage would help a bit? Any other suggestions would be great! Thanks
  4. Primacoustic Room Treatments

    Hello. I am actually looking to help convert a room into a nice little project studio (i.e. home). It is a 9' x 9' room with hardwood floors with a 3' deep open closet towards one end. I would like to treat it so I was looking into the Prima Acoustic London 12 or something similar. Does...