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RO website search engine rank results

I'm doing a study on how ranks for the keyword "recording", specifically in your geographical location of the planet.

Please enter the word recording at any one of these search engines and share where you live and what our rank result is for that keyword? Are we even on the first page and how many down from #1, #10, #25 etc. but, I'm really only interested if we are on the first top 10 results.

Thanks again.


Best pro audio forum on the web!

I have to say that this forum has to be the best pro audio forum on the web.

I'm a member of a number of other forums and I rarely go to them because the collective experience, advice and expertise here is excellent, the people are friendly, and my posts are promptly responded to. I don't know of any other forum that has so many members and guests logging in daily to educate and be educated. A top-notch community!

How does everyone feel about our wiki autolinks in the Pro Audio Forum?

They are somewhat annoying to me, however, I know they are helpful for the folks that don't know the terms (including me at times).

This should specifically help reduce redundant newbie topics from being posted over and over as they can see the answers to everything that pops up in the threads as they we read.


We also have the option to color code wiki links making them obvious and identifiable between normal urls. I like this idea and it will be implemented next wiki upgrade coming in July I'm told.



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