pro audio

  1. jackmarks

    essential knowledge or skills needed to be successful in recording?

    I am writing an essay for class on how to be successful in recording, and I would love to get some information or experiences from any one who would like to help! (Don't feel like you need to answer all these questions, anything helps!) Questions: What would you say are the essential knowledge...
  2. Bearfighter

    Problems with Interface?

    My apologies if this is obvious to everyone I'm relatively new to recording. I have had some issues with my dynamic mics and 1/4" inputs having no high end. I have a roland octa-capture thats worked great as an interface and for some reason every time I try using 1/4 or a dynamic mic I just...
  3. S

    SDI Downconvert problem

    Hi, Need to bring four SDI high speed cameras using sdi fiber extenders into Wirecast. I am using a Blackmagic Design MiniConverter SDI to HDMI to get to my computer inputs. The problem is I can get it all to work is to set the converter to downconvert the video signal to 16:9 Any help with...
  4. DonnyThompson

    Preamp Observation: advantages to clean, advantages to color

    I've used many preamps over the years that I've been recording and mixing, and while there are certainly still parts to the craft that I'm still learning - things I'm not sure of but pick-up on, as time passes and technology advances - and I have made a particular observation ... about preamps...
  5. DonnyThompson

    Studio Projects VTB-1 mic/instrument pre

    A couple years ago, a friend of mine traded me a Studio Projects VTB1 Mic Pre for an M-Audio USB 4 channel Midi i/o I had laying around. ( I have plenty of midi I/O options, I wasn't using the M-Audio anyway, so I thought it was a fair trade). A few years have gone by since, and with the...
  6. DonnyThompson

    An XFO question...

    So, many of you know that I use an ADK AP1 mic pre, that allows me to "pop and swap" different XFO's and OpAmps to sculpt tone... Yesterday I had a friend of mine stop by, and he offered me an XFO he had for free, because he knew if would fit the AP1 .. ( and because he's apparently decided to...
  7. M

    £12,000 for two channels of EQ?

    Now, call me old fashioned, or tight fisted, but is paying nearly £12,000 for a NEVE eq just a tad silly...
  8. M

    A Dream Come True!

    Dear All, Newbie here... so please be nice! I'm hoping for some expert advice from all those who have "been there" and "got the t-shirt" that says, "I've spent FAR too much money on studio kit over the years .... and see no bloody reason to change my habits now"... OK, my current gear...
  9. M

    Connect ZED 10FX main outs to computer, best way?

    I have this mixer: My computer has a Creative Audigy 2 sound card. I want to connect the Main XLR outs from the ZED to my computer so I can select it as a microphone source in Skype. How should this be done? Do I get a Y-cable XLR to...
  10. paulears

    Has the SM57 lost Presidential approval?

    For years now, all the images we see in the UK of the American president and other senior figures featured a pair of Shure SM57s on the lectern. I now see all sorts of strange microphones - so what has happened? Have Shure fallen out with the new administration?
  11. F

    Blue Yeti - Voice is suddenly 8-bit.

    It's not a joke, the title. As of this afternoon, I tried getting on a conference call with some friends and all they heard was slight, muffled mumbles from my end. When I got closer to the mic (having to remove the pop filter as well), my voice was ear rape. I looked into almost everything I...
  12. Boswell

    Focusrite Red 8 Pre

    [=""]Here[/]'s another new peice of kit I would really like to try.
  13. audiokid

    Warm Audio WA2A vs UA LA2A

    Please share any comparisons you've done between the UA LA-2A and Warm Audio WA-2A seen below. Looking at the guts of the WA-2A, it looks pretty clean, not exactly the same as the originals but it appears to all be there. I wonder how it sounds? Compares?
  14. paulears

    Fire Safety - and studios

    Just reading one of the topics on a basement studio and something suddenly came into my head. Safety. One thing that has always worried me with studios over the years has nothing to do with their acoustic performance, it's the safety aspect. Basement studios in particular always worry me a...
  15. Tony Carpenter

    Figure 8 mic

    Hi guys, Not sure how it really happened, but I've never added a figure 8 capable mic to my locker. Still love my original At4033a and my original NT2 Rode. Now I've another Rode, NT2a. Looking forward to testing this as a room mic for acoustic guitar.
  16. DonnyThompson

    EV RE20

    I dug out my old ( 1973/74) EV RE20 this past weekend to record a drum kit with; in particular, using the RE on the kick; I guess I'd forgotten how great those old EV's sound on kick drum. It was pretty much "instant tone". I think they're a wonderful ( variable D) dynamic mic to have, and a...
  17. pcrecord

    Slate digital virtual mic system (feelings ??)

    The more I listen to this guy the more I'm afraid of him. . . Weird isn't it.. I think I find him too intense... ;) To me, I have no doubts good recordings could be done with the system but I just think it's another gimmick to make people think anyone can be a recordist. Like anyone can be a...
  18. Mike S

    Tascam MX2424 Copy files/Restore from DVD

    I have some sessions that were recorded on the mx2424 many years ago and backed up on Panasonic DVD ram discs 5.2gb LM-DA52. I want to get the tracks off to mix on another platform. I have tried a few things and am open to whatever works as I haven't been able to locate a system locally that...
  19. pEEN M.

    Lavry DA11 vs. Apollo Twin MK2?

    Hai, I currently use an RME ADI-2 Pro as my main "interface" (I know, it's not an interface lol). During my 2-daw mixdown capture, I send all tracks of a song/beat to the Lavry DA11 via SPDIF, and run the analog outs of the DA11 into the A/D on the ADI-2 Pro, and I'm loving the results so far...
  20. AUD10

    Front and rear speakers facing each other

    I have come across a setup in a medium size House of Worship hall where two sets of stereo speakers are facing each other. The front two facing the congregation and the rear two facing forward from behind the congregation. Is this likely to result in sound dead spots or is it acceptable if the...