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Recommendations for Mid Side Shotgun mic Setup?

So I am fairly new to folly audio recording. I was looking around youtube for how folly artist (from a beginner standpoint) typically would go about getting into folly sound production. One video recommended that I could start with a mid side audio setup for doing stereo and mono sound and recording it into a zoom H4N. So is that what you guys would suggest? And if so what mics under $200 would you suggest (per mic)? Also if you have a good suggestion for mounting for being on a budget that would be good as well!

Need condenser microphone Recommendation, Multi Purpose

I am setting up my home studio, and would like a recommendation for one or more for two different applications: video game voice over, and clean opera vocals.

Recommendations can either be for one multipurpose microphone, or two sepparate microphones for each application

Here are the conditions.

Studio: Home studio (working on building a vocal booth)
1. Video game voice over.
2. Clean Opera vocals for Dramatic Baritone (D2-G4 range)

Builder recommendations in Eastern US-CT: vocal isolation booth, ~7'x12'

I have an 8'x12' corner available within a larger room (with 8' ceiling) for a vocal isolation booth.

Any builder recommendations in the Eastern Connecticut area who can get it quiet in there? I'm on the fence about doing it myself - if I can avoid construction I'd like to.


Recommendations for mic / comp for live

Hi, need help deciding on mic and comp for live performance.

At the mo my wife uses 58 beta into PreSonus live desk ( below unity gain ) .
She has a big dynamic range . We do some jazzy stuff with not much pressure
to blues where she belts it out .
She uses mic technique,but at times pulling off the mic can make the voice thin.
It would be nice to negate this . When pushing hard ( unless warmed right up ) she
can get a spike 900 - 1.2k .

Mid-side mic recommendations?

I am doing some mixing for bar bands and camcordering the result for my YouTube channel.

My camcorder audio is poor so I am looking into upgrading it.

I have selected the Zoom T24 as the audio recording device and am investigating microphone techniques. Since the audience participation is such an important part of a bar performance, it would be nice to capture that ambient field/feel directly. I settled on the 'mid-side' technique as my probable solution, with a twist.

New Setup/Thoughts/Recommendations

Any recommendations from the experts?
I posted before regarding some bookshelf speakers that just needed betrer positioning.

Newer setup I just finished...
Will be upgrading monitoring chain in the future(been saying it for years right).

Finished Basement Area: 22'Lx13'Wx7'10" height
Built a bridge for my studio monitors and receiver for some hifi speakers.
Due to desk height and video monitors, it had to be built a little higher than I wanted.