1. RedChannels

    Otari MX-80 16 track headstack assembly... needed

    Greetings, all: Recent purchaser of an Otari MX-80 24-track desperately seeking a 16-track headstack for it. I'm getting the sense they may be hard to come by. Anyone have any leads/suggestions? – Peter C / Red Channels / El Cerrito, CA
  2. Mike S

    Tascam MX2424 Copy files/Restore from DVD

    I have some sessions that were recorded on the mx2424 many years ago and backed up on Panasonic DVD ram discs 5.2gb LM-DA52. I want to get the tracks off to mix on another platform. I have tried a few things and am open to whatever works as I haven't been able to locate a system locally that...
  3. Brien Holcombe

    Zoom q2n....its cheap but is it worth it? Saw this on facebook and thought that it would solve my current situation if getting some songs recorded with video. It does both. But is the video really good? I am thinking I might still have to use my focusrite and record. Any thoughts?
  4. kmetal

    Tale of the Tape Sims.

    hey y'all figured I'd put this out there. I been filling in holes in my software for quite some time and I got onto the task of tape sims/saturation plugs. I ended up getting 3, heavy, medium, and subtle. Now I'm not really sure if these sound like tape, and I'm not concerned that they do or...
  5. T

    Old cassette based 4 track recorder

    Hi all, my first post!! I've recently rediscovered all my old four track recordings from the 80's and 90's (yes, I'm getting on a bit!) and want to listen to them again, however, I do not have the original Tascam Porta 05 four track recorder they were recorded on - does anyone know if I could...
  6. paulears

    Lexicon Lambda

    Spent a frustrating morning at a friends where he'd done the Windows 10 upgrade to discover Cubase and Sibelius were now silent. The Lexicon advice was not to move to Windows 10, but too late. So he's now waiting for a nice red 2i2 to arrive. Annoyingly, he was at first pleased because the...
  7. jarjarbinks

    Replicated CD sounds different than the "tape master"

    Hi experts. Im new in this mastering realm. Should replicated CDs sound different than the DDP master? and if so, how different? What do you answer to a client that was happy with the final master but unhappy with the replicated CDs? The replication house say they did quality checks and...
  8. A

    Zoom F8 Multitrack Field Recorder

    Zoom released this last year and want to know if anyone's made any recordings using it for music or video, and if so any thoughts on quality, functionability, pros and cons. Some of the reviews I've read are saying the pres are nearly if not "just as clean" as the Sound Devices 744T, and more...
  9. P

    Using a Zoom H1 with 2 microphones

    Hi I want to record interviews with a Zoom H1, a splitter-cable and 2 microphones (Giant Squid Gold Plated Microphone for Zoom H2 and the Giant Squid Omnidirectional Mono Microphone ). I get recordings from both mics but one of the speakers sounds OK and the other is lower volume and muffled...
  10. G

    Portable recorder

    Good morning, I need your consultation: my Tascam HD-P2 is in assistance and probably I'll need to buy a new recorder. I made a list of devices may fit my demands, of course you can suggest something else: Tascam HD-P2 Portable Stereo CF Recorder Edirol / Roland R-44 Solid-State Four-Channel...
  11. Thomas Hartkop

    Otari MTR 90 + Dolby XP/SR SET UP

    2015 Thanksgiving day. I am in Pueblo Colorado visiting my sons. I live in southern Oregon. I have a home studio that has expended over the years. With over 70 albums under my belt I have recently decided to move from the digital domain back to analog. I took delivery on an Otari MTR 90 II...
  12. Eblair

    Best VO recorder w/out computer

    VO actor. Chain: rode nt1 to dbx 386s to tascam dr-40 w input gain at 1. Room: 3x4 closet w acoustic foam. Not using computer to save space, eliminate fan noise. Results are quiet (no hiss or hum) but VOs sound brittle and tinny. Is AD conversion compromised greatly by tascam? Is there a sub $1K...
  13. J

    Recording parallel with ADAT HD24 and RME UFX

    Hi friends, there is a problem: I own an ADAT HD 24 and an RME UFX. Now I would like to record more than 24 or 30 tracks simultaneously. After recording I use protools for mixing all tracks How I synchronize these two devices in such a way, that I haven´t timing problems in the...
  14. SH1RYO

    Fostex MR 8

    Hi everyone I am new to this forum I'm hoping for some good help. So I just acquired a Fostex mr8 and I was wondering how to set it up. I did some recordings but can't figure out how to turn on the metronome and if I mess up a part how to go back and fix it without redoing the whole track.
  15. H

    Podcast recording on Zoom H4n

    Hi guys and girls, I am looking to records some podcasts with my Zoom H4n. I have three XLR mics that I am trying to use. I have plugged 2 of the mics into the XLR inputs. For the third mic, I bought a .5mm TRS jack to XLR cable to plug into the back of the Zoom H4n. It records in 4 channel...
  16. S

    portable classical recording system

    Hi all, I am looking to start a recording studio at a local conservatory dedicated to classical musicians, especially pianists and strings. I am a pianist by trade, but have always wanted to learn more on the recording end. My venue would be small / medium concert halls from 150 - 400 seats...
  17. Q

    Seeking clarification on Zoom R16 1/4" input jack in XLR combo plug: Balanced or not?

    Hello All: I have a very simple question regarding the Zoom R16 XLR combo input jacks. The Zoom R16 documentation appears to state that when you use an XLR connection to the combo jack, it is a balanced signal. The documentation is not so clear on whether the 1/4" port provides a balanced TRS...
  18. D

    Tascam MSR-24S multitrack reel to reel (check pics and videos)

    The highest model of multitrack tape machines ever made by Tascam. Holy grail. Check my auction:
  19. G

    Tascam HD-P2

    Good morning, I don't know if this is the right section where to publish my question. I have a Tascam HD-P2 I use for field recording. Since a few months I have an issue with the headphones, indeed there isn't signal in them, either when I am monitoring the recording and when I want to listen...
  20. J

    Spy Gear (personal notation recording)

    Hey guys, thanks for chiming in. I did a few searches but didn't even find a mention. I'm presently researching digital voice recorders and some Sennheiser clip-on mics. These may or may not be an ideal fit though. Ultimately, I am piecing together a high sensitivity lapel mic and recorder to...