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recording choir

Hanging DPA mics, recording theatrical Choir in playhouse theatre

I'm recording a choir in a playhouse next month. Its a new venue and concept for me. I'm going to need some last minute help on this, starting now :)

I'm using my trusted SF 24 in the center and hanging DPA 's down on top of them. Hanging mics is new for me.
The LCD are a matched pair of DPA 4011 cardiod's with the optional 2006 Omni caps, I'm thinking omni for this?

BUT! There will also be a small amount of FOH PA contribution. Hopefully that isn't going to be very loud.

Recommendations for recording a small youth choir

Our school has a vocally talented group of 8th graders. Their choir director would like to do a recording of the group before the school year ends that could be distributed to the families of the kids...not for sale, but for keepsake...although we'd still like to capture the best recording we can...Both the choir director and I are amateur at best, but we're both fairly technical people...

Recording Choirs, need stands and setup advice

The outline:

I'm recording 14 choirs next month in a mid size, barn style church about 60' high, wood ceiling and 100 ' long. It has a top balcony that will be empty (I think) so I'm assuming there will be no human absorption there, causing some problems if I were to use high omni flanks. The balcony extends out over the main floor about 20%. Most of the main floor is open. I like it.
Being a barn style, it has some undesirable reverb but its not too bad. The Choirs love singing here so it must sound nice however, I'm going in cold.

time aligning spot mics in choir/ orchestral recordings?


Do you do this? Under what circumstances? Interested in what folks do with this tool- it was not available in the 'old days' when we simply observed good 3:1 ratio and other guidelines. Does delaying spot mics assist you in getting better audio now that this tool is available? Your thoughts?

Anyone else recording a choir for a Rosanne Cash project?

Last night I recorded the Indianapolis Children's Choir for track titled "How Many Christmases" sung by Rosanne Cash on some upcoming project. From what I understand, they are collecting tracks from choirs all over the world to mix into this track, so my track will be a drop in the bucket, rather literally.

Just wondering if there are others out there in RO-land who have been involved with this.

Do you think I can add Rosanne Cash to my client list now? :)

Choir/orchestra recording - opinions?


this is my first time recording anything of this scale and quality (80 strong choir, soloists and 25 strong orchestra, Bach programme) and I'd value feedback. Venue was large stone church, soloists in front of (and on either side of) conductor, then orchestra, then choir. Orchestra arranged in the nave with choir behind (on steps and risers, spreading out under the pillars into the aisles).

Recording classical choir..

I am going to record a classical choir and I need some advise

The location is a medium sized (old) church. Carpet on the floors and walls of wood. The ceiling high is aprox 10-12 meters. The natural reverberation of the church is pretty good. (Not the 5 second reverbs u get in big stonechurches but not completely dead either, something in between)

The choir consist of aprox 20-25 people. No band. (I guess it will be two rows of 12-13)

I`ve managed to borrow some great gear to do this recording.
What I`ve got available:

Recording a small choir in a big hall

I have a gig (almost) booked to record a good, but smallish choir in a large concert hall. It will be 25-30 adult voices - SABT. This will be my first recording in a "big-boy" venue. It is a closed session, so the hall will be essentially empty.
I believe the only accompaniment will be piano.

Choir Recording Sample - Feedback


this is my first post here! Thank you for a lot of useful information from some very fine engineers!

If at all possible, I would be interested to get some feedback about the bellow recording. Any kind of input and advice would be great.
Basically I seem to have the honor of dealing with choirs more and more and would like to here how to improve on what I have got so far!

Thanking you in advance!