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recording studio advice

Mix/master advice

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it's been a long time since I have posted in this forum. Hope everybody is well.

I'm still working on my album but I'm getting close with the release sometime in june and I need some fresh set of critical ears.
Here is the latest version of the title track and though I'm quite happy with it, I lack the proper monitoring facilities to make the final judgement.
So please listen to my song and tell me if there is something awkward or off-sounding or if it is okay the way it is.


Advice for Zoom call music lesson setup

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We give music lessons via Zoom calls and achieve good quality sound by using a mixer as the "microphone" in Zoom.
One of our students wants to have the same setup, however, I've hit a snag in my mind for what to tell him. The three components are microphone, guitar, and backing track. All three go into the mixer, and then we USB out from the mixer to the computer and use that as the microphone in the Zoom settings. Simple.

New and building a studio, requesting advice.

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I finally decided to start building a soundproof studio, but I'm not sure what I want. I'm hoping this forum is a good place to get some insight.

I'm an average, self-taught musician. I've never done any "serious" recording on my own, but a band I was in self-produced a CD. So I've had minor experience in a recording atmosphere. Mostly in my past, I've only hit the record button on a tape deck and recorded myself.

Advice on creating a digital home recording setup

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Hey all,

New to the community but already found so much helpful info here, now its time to dive into the details...

I am getting back into home recording. My previous experience with this was a Tascam 424 cassette-based setup. So this digital world is truly amazing to me. I record old school analog instruments, except a keyboard (but no midi)

Here is the first easy test demo I made:

iPad advice for multitrack recording

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I am considering getting an iPad mostly for recording guitar.

My question, for those who multitrack on their iPads, What should I place more importance on...
The more powerful iPad Air (64gb) or the storage space of the regular iPad (128gb) ?
(Air/256gb and the Pros are out of my price range).

Will I just keep filling up the storage on a 64GB ?

Also, I read in another thread here that iPads are only good for a couple tracks worth of multitracking.. is this true?

Mix and mastering advice

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We just finished an album recording in a home studio using pro tools.

the album has bee mixed and mastered by our engineer.

we are overall happy with it ... but feel that it is missing something. What that is we aren’t sure but it lacks that ‘finished’ or ‘radio ready’ feel that commercial releases have.

when comparing it to other releases it doesn’t seem to be as cohesive or glued together for lack of another way of describing it.

here is a link to one of the songs.

Learn about Sound design advice/ course..?

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Hi there,

I've been recording music for a couple of years now, mainly focused on indie/rock-music, so it has all been about recording acoustic instruments or amps with mics and the mixing process after. (Basic work with cutting, overdubbing and the editing after with compressors, reverbs, delays) mostly with Cubase and pro tools.