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recording studio problems

monitoring problem with distance recording

Our brilliant singer has moved to Malta! The plan is that I send backing tracks and she records. Then she sends me the results for mixing in UK.

With the current setup (using Zoom) we can chat & discuss until she starts recording. But THEN I can’t hear the backing so I get no sense of how everything’s fitting together.

So the problem is how do I, as her producer, hear both her vocals and the backing track so we can discuss afterwards what worked and what didn’t?

Sample rate problems

Hello everyone. I’ve completely torn my hair out. This problem is so frustrating that this is my first time ever asking for help and advice on a message board. Here’s what I’m using. Studio one 5, an Avid Eleven Rack as my recording interface, this is connected to my recording computer which is an hp z602 with 96 gigs of ram and 2 e5 Xeon processors. This is connected to a Wavessound grid server. Somehow when I was recording a song, Studio one was set to 48k sample rate but my interface and the sound grid weren’t. I believe they were at 44.

Amp or speaker problem.

Hello Everyone,
I'm brand new to the forum so be gentle. I hope I'm in the correct area to asked this question.
I have a powered monitor and it powers up, and sound comes out, but the volume is very low and it is distorted. How can I determine if the problem is the speaker or the amp?
If it's the amp, what would be the most logical problem.
I have an electronic background, but it's been 30 years since I've used it.
Thanks in advance.

scarllet problem win8.1

hii guys,
actually, a problem may occur during when i install Focusrite scarllet driver but when i open fl studio 20. then one error may appear and i dont know why its appearing like :-
(not enough asio output channel available. atleat 2 channels are needed)
i nstalled driver properly but the driver not showing Focusrite in window sounds like playback and recordings and i am using window 8.1 which is fully updated.
plzz help me.

Dushyant Saini

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio pack (2nd Gen), Software & latency problem


I'm a beginner. I would like to do Voiceovers & Singing with my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio pack

(2nd Gen). I have got Ableton Live & Pro Tools first software with Scarlett 2i2 pack. I am using iMac

and I already have Adobe Audition in my Mac. I am Confused.. so pls help.. Which is good for Voiceover

or what do you suggest.? Will I get low latency with any of these tools (Pro Tools First, Ableton

Live Lite, Adobe Audition)?


Audio Latency Problems (Samsung, iRig, stagelight)

I just cant record my guitar properly with the stagelight app on my android devices with the iRig 2. Whatever i do, the guitar signal always has latency. Because of that, i cant really record with the metronome or with monitoriing.
If iam Using Apps like Ampli Tbe, there are no latency problems, its mostly just with Stagelight.
Iam Using a Samsung Galaxy S9 and a Samsung Tab Tablet, both with the most recent Android Software Version.
Hope anybody can help me, its so annoying.

Large Ensemble Recording Problem

Hello all,

I need some tips for recording an Large ensemble( something about 60-70 musicians) in an large auditorium (300 people capacity).

It's a charity job for a project of my church, so the equipment is, unfortunately, low budget.

I actually have a Roland R26 recorder, a Audio-Technica AT2020 and two 5 meters height tripods.

If it's really needed, i have a $200 budget that can be used to improve the equipment.

Profire 2626 problem


I've got two M-audio Profire 2626. I was planning to record some music with a friend with these interfaces and my Windows desktop PC. Using Reaper.
I was setting up the two units to co-operate through TOSlink. The first unit was running as master, the other as slave. It was working very well, and Reaper detected all 16 channels.