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recording studio problems

Sample rate problems

Hello everyone. I’ve completely torn my hair out. This problem is so frustrating that this is my first time ever asking for help and advice on a message board. Here’s what I’m using. Studio one 5, an Avid Eleven Rack as my recording interface, this is connected to my recording computer which is an hp z602 with 96 gigs of ram and 2 e5 Xeon processors. This is connected to a Wavessound grid server. Somehow when I was recording a song, Studio one was set to 48k sample rate but my interface and the sound grid weren’t. I believe they were at 44.

Audio Latency Problems (Samsung, iRig, stagelight)

I just cant record my guitar properly with the stagelight app on my android devices with the iRig 2. Whatever i do, the guitar signal always has latency. Because of that, i cant really record with the metronome or with monitoriing.
If iam Using Apps like Ampli Tbe, there are no latency problems, its mostly just with Stagelight.
Iam Using a Samsung Galaxy S9 and a Samsung Tab Tablet, both with the most recent Android Software Version.
Hope anybody can help me, its so annoying.

New office, new sound problems...

I’ve remodeled my room and turned it into an office. Things that used to absorb a lot of sound like the carpet, bed and curtains are now gone. I’ve got the new furniture in, but my online friends say I sound like I’m talking to them from the bathroom, lol.

My questions are:

1.) Where should I put sound foam? My microphone (used for talking to friends) sits just to the left of me on my desk in a corner of the room.

2.) Where are good places to hide foam panels from sight, if possible?

FL Studio - Recording problems w/ interface

So, to start things off, I've been recording most of my music over the years on a simple USB mic (AT2020 to be exact), and as faithful as it's been since I've had it, I finally decided to jump to the next level and start working with XLR mics and recently bought an AT4040 (I'm overall very fond of Audio-technica -brand products), along with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd-Gen, One-Input interface.

Studio Monitor Problems


I am having some issues with some studio monitors and have been lying around and I am trying to use them again.

One of them creates no sound at all, the front light still illuminates though.
The other appears to only play sound from the tweeter and not the sub.

I have tried different inputs and different input devices with the same result.

I will be trying to get them repaired, I am just wondering if anyone has encountered this before, as I'd hope they are not ruined.

Problems with Interface?

My apologies if this is obvious to everyone I'm relatively new to recording. I have had some issues with my dynamic mics and 1/4" inputs having no high end. I have a roland octa-capture thats worked great as an interface and for some reason every time I try using 1/4 or a dynamic mic I just get a really quiet all bass muffled sound. I have tried different mics, different channels and different cables. The odd thing is that my condenser mic works great obviously with 48v on. Any Ideas? my apologies again if this is obvious, call me a noob but its frustrating the heck out of me. Thanks

Imaging Problems M/S Mastering


Hi dear recording community,

i'm new, and i'm from abroad so please forgive my english.
right to the problem:

i have mixed a track and, for the first time, tried M/S for mastering, but it didn't work right.
the imaging changed drastically and went to one side.
the mid group as well as the side group channel are both fine when soloed,
however when both play the imaging changes.

here's how i set it up:

i disabled the mixed track's routing to stereo out
i created two stereo groups (mid and side)

Running into so many problems

Hey guys, I'm working on a mix of my cover of "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder. I think the vocal might be a bit low in the mix and a bit too congested around 300-500k/not bright enough. I used my new Telefunken Elam 251 and for the price, I'm trying to make decisions about wether or not I should hold onto it or go with another vintage tube that suits my voice. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

DAvid Korn