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scarlett 2i2

Scarlett 2i2 no longer able to use 2 mics on mac

I have a problem that I have had ever since Mac updated to Mojave. No one at Scarlett knows what the issue is so I am hoping someone here can help. I dont use any software. I have the Scarlett plugged directly into the mac by USB and I have a mic in position 1 and 1 in position 2.

The mic in #1 works fine meaning I have sound when I do my Podcast. The mic is #2 does not work, meaning there is no sound, but I do see the lights on the Scarlett light to indicate its working. I tested this issue by switching the cables/mics from position 1 and 2.

At2035+ Scarlett 2i2 combination not working! help!!

Hi ! I am newbie to recording equipments. I just bought At2035 and scarlett 2i2 , and I am not able to get them working.
I tried scarlett on Dynamic mic, and worked like a charm. But when I tried AT2035, i cant see any led signals. its not even lighting up as green.

1. I am supplying phantom power.
2. I am using xlr to xlr cable (not 1/4 one).

Thinking that mic could be defective, I sent it back for replacement. so they checked the mic and told me that mic is working fine.
I have also tried Powered Usb hub, no sucess.

Midi to Scarlett 2i2

Hi, can anyone tell me if its possible to connect my midi piano through the scarlett 2i2 using a converter 5 pin to 3 pin cable? Would it read the right kind of signal?
I need to record piano onto a track but have so much latency through the midi usb connection into the computer, that the piano part is constantly playing almost half a second behind the beat. I am using cubase.
Much appreciated, from Emily in London

Mic recommendation for Scarlett 2i2 USB Recording Interface

Hi all !
I am a newbie in this field. I am buying first gear ever for recording !

I have though of buying Scarlett 2i2 USB Recording Interface which I think fits best in my budget and goes well with WIndow .
Now I am looking for best mic within 100$ to go with my interface. My purpose to record voiceovers (not singing) for Indian languages.

If you think I there is better interface within this range , please let me know that as well. As a newbie! all expert advises are welcome.

Scarlett 2i2 & Windows 8 problems.

I am having problems getting the dreaded Windows 8 to recognise my Scarlett 2i2. All the software and up to date drivers all load in successfully, I've tried all the 2 USB ports supplied in my ASUS 501 x laptop.
ive tried disabling Realtek sound that comes with Windows 8.
Should I remove Realtek ?
It has worked once with Cubase VST ver 5 but when I turned off the computer I lost it again.
the laptop will not recognise my Scarlett 2i2 software , so lets go from there,

scarlett 2i2 vs rolland quadcapture

I just bought the scarlett 2i2 and plugged it in for the first time last night. Im not sure how i feel about it so far but i am still trying to figure out if the quad capture is worth the extra money.

Windows 7 (64bit)
core2quad @ 2.4ghz
Sonar x1

I am replacing my PCI audio card, an Echo MiaMIDI (great card when it worked but drivers had constant conflicts)

tips for reducing USB 2.0 latency? (Windows 7, sonar, scarlett 2i2)

Windows 7 64-bit
Intel core2quad@2.4ghz
4gb ram
Cakewalk Sonar x1 (32bit install)
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, USB 2.0

Sonar is reporting latency of between 10-16 ms (round trip i think). around 10 if i reduce the buffer to as low as it goes and it was a bit over 16 to start with.
I read about people getting their latency down to as low as 1.5ms and easily around 3ms.

I have also read that you can tweak your PC and/or OS to aid latency issues, but i have no idea what to do for this.