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Early Rane SM26 schematic

Hi All... I am new to the group and hope someone may be able to help. I have an early Rane SM26 on my bench and in need of a schematic. This unit does not use 7815 type voltage regulators but does have the power supply integral to the unit. Since Rane was bought out (by In Music Brands I think) information has been a bit more difficult to obtain. There is a later SM26 posted on their website but it is newer than the one I have, If anyone has a schematic I would greatly appreciate a copy. Thanks

Fixing UA La-610 Compressor (need schematics with voltage points)

Hi guys,

Like the title says, I got one of my two LA-610 who doesn't compress anymore.. the action faded over a few months.
I tried to change the tubes and even exchanged the opto cell with the other LA-610 and it did no good.

So I guess a cap or a resistor failed.. I'd need some guidance and some precise schematics

Thanks in advance.

PreSonus Firestudio Project - Needs power supply schematic

Asking on behalf of a fellow member on another electronics repair forum. He seems to have a bad a resistor that is some type of 1/4 resistor that is right beside the bridge rectifier. Obviously, these new types of schematics are tough to come by... However, the year of the device is 2007 and all that is really needed is the value of this resistor. Just checking as I am curious if anyone has come across any schematics like this one in particular. thanks. thumb

AMEK 9098 Dual Mic Pre schematics (AMEK 9098 DMA) Schematics looking for

Hi all ! does somebody have the AMEK 9098 Dual Mic Pre schematics (AMEK 9098 DMA)
(without EQ ).

The Rack have not EQ but have a DI INPUT, I know the schematics is a little bit different.

Thanks for your help.

Please if you can mail me at this address if you have it :

Thanks by advance.


dbx 162 Schematic?

I can't seem to find a schematic for the original (black face) dbx 162 stereo compressor. Any ideas on where to find one?

The dbxpro website (and pretty much all of the other sites that show up via a google search for a dbx 162 schematic) allows me to download a few pages of cursory alignment verbiage and a schematic for a dbx 160. Sadly, the 162 isn't 2x 160s and even if it were, there isn't any depiction of the interconnection (e.g. summing of control, sum/level metering, master/slave switching, bypass, …). Needless to say, the sub-boards are even more of a mystery but I'd be happy to start with just the "motherboard". I contacted dbx and they don't have that information available (it's "too retro" and hence only the above-mentioned "160 schematic + verbiage" via their ftp).

If you have some 162 "black face" diagrams and would scan them and possibly also have a board layout (e.g. what components live where), I'd buy you a coffee… (or just let me know where I can find/download them myself)


Sound Master STIX 305 schematic request

Strange one this-All the digital chips (4011's, counters, RAM,etc,) have the correct power going to them, yet the 7555 counter/comparator strange sh*t, dont know what it does chip, only has 3v. Should work between 5-12v. replace all electrolytics-NADA
Anyone have the schematic please
I have plenty of swaps for vintage gear

Cheers all