1. Cucco


    Just curious - Is everyone still enamored with Sebatron as they used to be around here? I'm looking at adding some "colored" pres to my classical recording stuff and thinking that these might give me what I'm looking for (clean when I want it colored when I want it...) Thoughts?? J
  2. E

    Sebatron vmp-2000e

    Ive been having problems with one of my channels on my seb, and for the life of me, i just cant seem to get some kind of support from seb, one day there there, the next day there gone. I recieved an e-mail from them to send pics of the unit (internal guts that of which Ive done), but it seems as...
  3. S

    Running tracks through my Sebatron.

    Hi. recently I have been using my vmp to run selected tracks and sometimes mixes through and I am really liking the results. My question is , am I doing any damage to the vmp by doing this? I am running line level type signals into the direct front panel input with the pad set to -15 db...
  4. nehpyh

    Sebatron versus LA and Portico

    Hi all, Looking to get a preamp upgrade from my VoiceMaster Pro. Heard lot'sa great raves about Sebatron, portico and LA610. Wondering if any one of them is a good investment. Any comments is greatly appreciated. Music: Pop/ R&B ballads/ acoustic folk Mic: NTK, SM57s, AT 4041 pair...
  5. F

    Sebatron VMP-4000e Pad Value mod ??

    I have an older VMP-4000e with the -30db pad switch. I notice the newer ones have a -25db value on the pad switch. What do I need to do (component swap) to change my pad value to the newer -25db spec. I have major soldering skills.... David Blackmon
  6. nehpyh

    LA-610 vs Sebatron compressor?

    Dun mean to create bad blood here...just trying to make sense of my spending...which should I get? Sebatron or LA-610?
  7. S

    Sebatron 'Sound On Sound' review

    We have a new review out in 'Sound on Sound ' magazine. Check out the preview... 8)
  8. evt

    Sebatron myspace page

    Hi everyone, Seems like everyone has a myspace page these days. I tried to find one for Sebatron, but couldn't. Do they have one? I love my Sebatron vmp-2000e. I swapped out the tubes for mullards. Very cool! It's working out really well for me. thanks, evt
  9. T

    Sebatron VEQC 2000 ! Again ...

    Hi everybody, i am totally new here 8) I've searched the whole web for some information about the VEQC 2000, but i can't find anything about it. I already emailed Sebatron today , because i do own a VEQC 2000 unit which looks like that: can you tell me which generation this...
  10. M

    Mmmmmmm, new sebatron stuf...... Click the pipeline link!
  11. K

    Any sound clips of the Sebatron VMP?

    I'm really interested in buying the VMP 4000 (from what I've read) but would like to hear some sound clips. I've heard a couple but not much. Anyone have some clips they can share or links? I'd like to get a "real" preamp, upgrade from my DMP3. I need to use it on Vocals, acoustic guitar...
  12. JeffSanders

    recording loaded with Sebatron vmp-1000e

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know I posted my entire album in a streaming flash player at - all guitars and vocals were recorded through the Sebatron vmp-1000e. Gratefully, Jeff
  13. S

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007 ! ..... > from Sebatron.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007 !!! Happy New Year everybody... :lol: Good Luck for 2007. 8-) 8)
  14. S


    This is the last round. You’ve all done extremely well. 8-) There is a small chance for someone to claim the first prize aside from the obvious …., however that chance is fading fast. :( Second Prize , on the other hand , is within the reach of a few of you….. :D SCORES...
  15. S

    The Super ~Sebatron~ Quiz/Giveaway!!!

    …..Ah yes the time has arrived for another Sebatron quiz. :D This time the prize is a Cygnus X-2 valued at over $1200 USD…. Shipped directly from the Sebatron factory…. Any R.O members can enter ,, ,, and the rules are simple and fair…just like last time ……..hehehe… The...
  16. S

    Dynamic mic for a Sebatron

    Hello.:D I own a Sebatron THORAX and a newly acquired vmp-2000e.I love them both very dearly and track all my instruments and vocals through them. Was wondering if there were any other recommended dynamic microphones for recording male rock/folk vocals specifically to match up with these units...
  17. C

    Sebatron VEQC 2000?

    Is this discontinued or was it vapourware? I don't see any info on it at, but shows a picture and a sales blurb. What's the story??
  18. evt

    Sebatron tube swap

    Hi, I have Sebatron vmp2000e and have been reading about others swapping the tubes in it. I would like to know what some of the recommended tubes would be, and any other experiences as far as swapping the tubes. thanks, evt
  19. S

    Sebatron on Evermore

    Evermore These guys picked up a vmp-4000e and a THORAX from me around Jan this year. Most of the album was tracked at their home studio through the THORAX. It’s good to see it charting - #5 in Australia and #2 in New Zealand The album is called ‘Real Life’. The single is called...
  20. D

    Decision Time FF400 MOTU 828 MkII Sebatron VMP

    Hi All, Been looking at upgrading my "studio" in ages. I have an old Hoontech CPort (ergh) and am looking at getting a firewire interface. Been reading heaps and everything has problems with it (except maybe the fireface 800 which is universally loved). Anyway, I'm sick of reading, its time...