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Mic/Shock Mount Setup

Hello, I am trying to setup my shock mount (Audio-Technica at8415) with my microphone (Audio-Technica atr2500). I believe I am doing right, but I am not entirely certain on the matter. The way I think it is supposed to setup, is going to block either one of my volume buttons or the headphone jack. If anyone could give me some assistance on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

DPA Stereo Boom & Shock Mounts

WOW! I have to say something here.

DPA has to be one of the finest microphone companies in the world. I am so impressed with everything I have from them. Their stuff is pricey but you know what, their workmanship shows why.

I've always wanted a nice stereo bar so why not eh. Well hold me back... After a long wait from the time I ordered these to commercial production, I just received the SBS0400 Stereo Boom w. Shock Mounts and wow, this is designed like high end precession archery.

Modification to make Blue Yeti fit a Shock Mount?

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum so my apologies if I am posting in the wrong forum or the like.

I recently upgraded from a headset to a Blue Yeti mic for recording podcasts. I picked up a boom stand, pop guard, and shock mount, but saw that the Yeti did not have a base compatible with the shock mount.

Shockmount vs Boom Isolation

I record high gain guitars usually at a pretty good volume and I when I do this I want the room to be involved as little as possible. (The cab is so loud that one time it caused my external hard drive to vibrate so much that it could no longer record and I had to isolate it to continue, just to give you an idea) I use a boom mic and I don't want the floor vibrations interfering with the mic position even on a micro level. I thought about a shock mount for my 57, but that may actually FACILITATE mic movement rather than stop it.


A mechanical device that is designed to isolate the transducer of a microphone from shocks, vibrations or handling noise. Both internal and external mounts are used, but the most commonly used shockmount are external and use some kind of elastic material to suspend and isolate the microphone from the stand it is attached to. Certain flight cases are also shockmounted to prevent damage to equipment that can occur due to handling issue while in transit.