shure 545

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    Question re. Beyer M81 hum/noise

    Hi, everyone! This is my first here at the forum; I am somewhat new to the world of recording, so please bear with me. I recently purchased a pair of Beyer M81s (M818) to experiment a bit with some old mics. They are supposed to be fantastic dynamics - but I'm having issues with mine. Both of...
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    Wiring classic Shure 545 unidyne iii 4 pin amphenol to XLR

    Can anybody help me with the correct cable wiring for a shure 545 which has 4 pin amphenol connector (the type which changes impedance by changing the mic cable) very early I believe made in USA before Shure moved production to Mexico. I bought 2 of these for my son but need to try to sort...
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    Shure 545 Microphone lead

    Hi, Anyone know where I can buy a mic lead for an old Shure 545 I have. It's a four pin screw type connection. Thanks
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    Fixing broken Shure 545 (Unidyne III, same as SM57)... argh!

    Argghh... One of the Shure 545 (Unidyne III, predecessor and very similar build to SM57) mics I recently acquired has a broken coil- In the part under the grille assembly where the wire comes out from under the diaphragm and goes down the side of the mic (under some tape), the coil-wire is...