1. jojota

    Who are the best software programmers of this world that are into AudioEngineering?for Audiowiki

    Who are the best software programmers of this world that are into AudioEngineering? Where can I find them? this is the prototype. 1.1Do you know how many dots could I refresh instantaneously like this? Maybe I should have a software version of this has I want...
  2. Removing artifacts produced by software

    Hello, I did a search and decided to just create a new thread on this specific topic. I am looking for advice on reducing or even eliminating (hopeful) the mechanical artifacts produced by audio software. An example is Audacity, a common and free application. The plugin included with Logic is...
  3. Brother Junk

    Software Compressor Q?

    So, I've read all about compressors, everything I could find. Some of the links I've read I found on this site. I'm not ashamed to say that there is little that I truly understand about them. And I've never gotten to use a hw unit. Threshold I get, (I'm trying to recall all the settings)...
  4. audiokid

    Do we need to spend thousands of dollars on recording gear or software?

    When it comes right down to good sound, the mix and master, I personally believe I can get by on most basic DAW platform with good to excellent pre-amps and conversion. That fact that I use and discuss excellent gear is because its available to me, and because its also a passion of interest. I...
  5. SteveFinik

    Video Recording Inside Studio? Best hardware/software

    Im installing an IP Camera security system for a friends new music studio. They would like a video camera system to record musicians playing drums, piano, singing etc and provide video on USB drive at end of session. Also, live stream video and audio via website if they want. Im thinking of...
  6. Dr_Willie_OBGYN

    What's the point in buying WaveLab or other mastering software?

    I used to own wavelab for mastering. Unfortunately it's not compatible with my new computer and I'm not shelling out $500 for an upgrade. I've been using Nuendo multi-track for mastering. Any of you do the same? Use your multitrack software for mastering?
  7. kmetal

    Does CD ripping software/cd drive effect quality of the rip, for archival purposes

    Hey all, I'm digitizing my cd collection in the next month or so. (edit technically it already is digital but, u get what I mean) This is so I can have acesso to it from anywhere, as CD players are more and more rare. Since this is archival, I want as close to an exact copy of the cd as...
  8. NE1 Pro with XSplit Broadcaster software? (audio issue)

    Hi all, you helped me with a problem before here: So I thought I'd try my luck with you again. Same gear as listed in the other thread above, however, now I want to go out from my camcorder's HDMI output into a Black Magic Design...
  9. DSD recording software.

    Hi all, I'm considering designing a DSD256 or DSD512 A/D converter, however, before doing so I'd like to know if there's any software available for editing such files (at a reasonable price level) ... Any of you know if such software exists and what it's called? Thanks for any insights about...
  10. audiokid


    Powerful new software provides “mix and match” operation between Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo audio interfaces, new UAD plug-ins, and a reimagined Console 2.0 interface with more than 25 user-requested features SCOTTS VALLEY, CA • January 22, 2015 — Universal Audio is proud to announce Apollo...
  11. Are software updates necessary ?

    I've been using Windows 7 for 5 years now and have never updated a thing. The computer is never online. I haven't had a problem until a while ago when I had to restore from a backup because windows would not boot up. Ever since then things have been noticeably slower. Again, it hasn't been...
  12. Kurt Foster

    How much do you spend on DAW plugins and software

    how much have you spent on "plugs" and software ? how long do they work for you before you have to upgrade/ update them? and while we are at it .... what about computers? how often do you buy a new one? how often do you have to upgrade software? the real question is, what is the total...
  13. Dr_Willie_OBGYN

    Anyone own the software version of the Korg MS 20 mini?

    Anyone own the software version of the Korg MS 20 mini? How does it compare with the hardware version?
  14. audiokid

    RME Artist - Swedish label BIS - RME's hardware and Sequoia/Samplitude software became the ideal
  15. Donny Bahama

    Music creation software for non-musicians?

    I sing but I don't play any instruments. I'd like to find software that allows me to do the following... 1. "Select" notes one at a time - allowing me to hunt for it til I find the right one, then lock it in once I've got it. (Also, allow me to take each note and make it a chord if I want to.)...
  16. audiokid

    iZotope Ozone 6 Mastering Software

    Zotope today announced version 6 of their highly regarded Ozone mastering plugin. Used by many as the final stage in their mix process as well as on discrete channels for a variety of creative processing techniques. Avalable now as a standalone application for both Standard and Advanced, its got...
  17. audiokid

    UAD software investment

    How much money do you have invested in UAD software?
  18. Budget DAW software needed

    I'm looking into connecting my module up to an ipad/tablet/DAW software to piano set up so I need to look into my options.I'm doing this on a budget so I need recommendations. My desktop computer is in my bedroom,the piano equipment is in the lounge room.I dont have room for the computer out...
  19. Eraserfish

    Mastering Software?

    I'm in the market for mastering software that is comprehensive and will allow me to take 24 bit stereo recordings from my DAW to final production level (red-book compliant) broadcast ready, final CD format (I am term dumb). I've read almost all the mastering posts on this forum and realize that...
  20. Pro Tools or other software to use with M-Audio and my guitar

    I recently picked up a M-Audio Mobile USB Pre device from a local individual. It came with a driver disk but I had to download the latest drive from their website to work with Windows 7. Now my question is, what software (free preferably) can I use to play my guitar and record? I would like to...