1. Brxdsky


    Dear Community, I'd like to get the input of someone who has used Scarlett Mix Control on a 2nd Gen. Scarlett 18i20 to create monitor paths with the various analog outputs. I am currently seeking help from experts about audio interfaces and monitors. I work at a music studio that...
  2. G

    RF preventing me from using my home studio

    Just moved to a new apartament, set up my old gear in a new room and turns out that now I'm receiving an unbearable amount of Radio sign. I can even listen to what the Radio show is broadcasting. To explain the situation better, I'm going to list some info If I plug my microphone (condenser)...
  3. F

    Building New Studio Help!

    Hello, I am an aspiring audio engineer that has been mixing & recording for about 6 months. I only do Rap/Hiphop, I've been wanting to upgrade my current setup to something better. I currently own a Bluebird spark SL & a cheap $99 M-Audio interface. I want a little more of a professional...
  4. F

    Does the quality of the audio interface matter if you have an external preamp?

    Hello, I’m an aspiring audio engineer and I am looking to build a home studio for Rap/HipHop. I have a few questions I couldn’t really find anywhere online, the first one being that does the audio interface matter if I’m purchasing the preamp. I am aware that there are preamps built into the...
  5. A

    Beacon Midi - A unique iOS app for live and studio applications

    Beacon Midi is an iOS app that automates midi controls by the proximity value of a beacon BLE device. The fields of application are various. From live-theater to studio recording applications. It connects to any DAW application and sends midi values to midi controllers. Easy to configure...
  6. D

    Studio setup advice with an off sided window

    I have a 11 x 13 x 9ft ceiling room with a front window that covers most of that wall. My problem is when I center my mixing position on this window wall as I have been advised to do by other designers, I get one speaker in front of the window and one on what's left of the wall. So one speaker...
  7. DAP

    Tips on finding a contractor & designer for home studio build

    Hi, I'm planning to convert a two car detached garage into a practice/live room, control room and iso booth. I've found a lot of good information here, and thanks to this site I found Rod's book and have been reading that for the last week. One thing that I realized quickly is that I will...
  8. audiokid

    Professional Headphones Studio Pack

    Just saw this following the AT banner to Audio Technica's website. $299 for 5 sets of headphones.
  9. T

    Help Upgrading Studio

    Need help on What I should Upgrade my set up to..Im willing to spend atleast 250$ max on each new Item current setup: PRO TOOLS 8 LE Audio Technica AT2020 SA ISO SOUND BACK GUARD Mackie Creative Reference CR3 2‑way Monitor Speakers MBOX MINI 3RD GEN Sennheiser HD 650 Over‑Ear Headphones All...
  10. DonnyThompson

    Studio Projects VTB-1 mic/instrument pre

    A couple years ago, a friend of mine traded me a Studio Projects VTB1 Mic Pre for an M-Audio USB 4 channel Midi i/o I had laying around. ( I have plenty of midi I/O options, I wasn't using the M-Audio anyway, so I thought it was a fair trade). A few years have gone by since, and with the...
  11. paulears

    Fire Safety - and studios

    Just reading one of the topics on a basement studio and something suddenly came into my head. Safety. One thing that has always worried me with studios over the years has nothing to do with their acoustic performance, it's the safety aspect. Basement studios in particular always worry me a...
  12. pEEN M.

    Studio Esprit Master 2073 Dual Preamp, anyone?

    Hi everybody, Recent lurker, first time poster! Does anybody have any experience with this guy here? Good or bad? How is the EQ? How much would you pay for one?
  13. S

    Presonus Firestudio vs Audiobox 22VSL - recording quality?

    Hi I own an old Firestudio 26x26 (not project) and a newer USB Audiobox 22VSL, both from Presonus. I wonder which has better recording quality for mics. The Firestudio has 8 inputs but it's big and heavy and requires an additional power supply. The Audiobox was much cheaper but then again it's...
  14. Kurt Foster

    Bob Katz home mastering studio

    I LOVE THIS! Bob Katz home mastering studio. kick back and master.
  15. Sean G

    PreSonus StudioLive 32 Series III

    Here is a preview of the PreSonus StudioLive 32 Series III I trust what Ray Tantzen has to say...maybe its a beard thing. On the other hand...the other guy without the beard, Ace Baker...looks a little sus ;)
  16. Sean G

    BB Kings' Home Studio

    I came across these pictures on a Fb page I belong to and thought I'd share them here on RO. This is BB Kings' personal home studio. After he passed it was moved over to a museum in Indianola to be preserved for posterity and set up just as he had it. Pics courtesy of Vince Capotosto of the...
  17. audiokid

    PreSonus Releases StudioLive AR USB Hybrid Mixers

    audiokid submitted a new resource: PreSonus Releases StudioLive AR USB Hybrid Mixers - Create multitrack recordings with one click in PreSonus’ Capture™ live-recording software, then mix Read more about this resource...
  18. audiokid

    Recording musicians - Check out the StudioLive Console

    It's possible that you've found this thread because you are a musician, wanting to learn how to record yourself or a band. You are on a budget, you don't fully understand things like converters, preamps, interfacing, compressors etc... and maybe you don't even care about those things right now...
  19. DonnyThompson

    "Welcome to 1979" Recording Studio

    @Kurt Foster Pretty cool. 1979 MCI console, modded with several channels of API pre's. Lots of the 'standard faire" of the 70's in signal processing. The only things I think they're missing is a couple of dayglo-orange bean bag chairs, harvest gold shag carpeting... and Peruvian Marching...
  20. Brother Junk

    Home Studio Pics, Sub recommendations? And random q's

    I've mentioned it here and there, but I finished my home studio. Even at a discount, fees were killing me, and I have the space, PT, Logic, monitors etc... Any questions, advice, I'm open to it. I still have to get the window shades etc, but it's like 90% of the way there. I've built rooms (and...