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Multi tracking with zoom r16 play back

I am multi tracking with a zoom r16 and I have recorded drums and ssome guide guitar.

Now I'm trying to do the proper guitar tracks. My problem is that I'm recording everything in 1 room as I don't have the luxury of separate rooms. I have found that our guitarist cant hear the guide tracks and the drums through the head phones over his guitar amp in the room. We don't want to turn the guitar amps down too quietly and I have the volume on the zoom turned up to the max as well. Any suggestions people? Thanks

any good resources for tracking live with a band

hey guys, I have been a solo artist for a long time, and have been overdubbing and tracking everything myself for a long time.

I have been extremely interested recently in going into the studio and recording live with a support band. I write a lot of the stuff, and would pretty much be with people understanding they are helping my goal, or more of a sideproject from their bands.

I have a ton of great friends who would be willing to go in and work with me.

Tracking with or without EQ

Hi guys, I've got a doubt about something: when I track drums, I always use a bit of EQ on the toms, just to scoop out a bit of the muddy low mids and make it sound a bit more natural, but I've heard that using EQ when tracking drums is something most recording engineers won't do. Another colleage of mine told me that he used to EQ the drumset also in the tracking process and one time, when he had to track this drumset for some mixing engineer in the US, the guy heard the track and returned it because it was EQed, so he records flat since then.



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