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Neumann u47 v RØDE NT1

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21 years 2 months
Mic Shoot Out! Neumann u47 v RØDE NT1. Listen Now!
NT1 & U47 Side by Side Test

This is crazy close. Shows what a good pre does for most mics. I mean, I've read testimonials on the RØDE Classic II sounding harsh but through my M-2b, it sounds incredible. And through a MP 2nV with some gain saturation, would be killer for the big blues. The last thing I noticed was harsh. SM57 (M1) through high end pre's sound wonderful. A good pre and some of the very affordable mics goes a long way.

Check this out, pretty impressive.

A good Pre-amp for a U47, Michael Buble type sound required!

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21 years 2 months
Hey Guys,

A little random I know.

I'm very fortunate to very shortly be receiving a Neumann U47 from Telefunken. I really want the same sort of quality and character of the vocal sound as found on many Michael Buble records...

As I mentioned, It's unmistakably a U47 mic, but is there anyone that could venture a guess to what pre-amp they think has been used his his vocals? I know certain brands have different flavours but I have a Focusrite 430 P/Pack and it's not the warm valve sound that i require...

Neumann u47/valve mics question

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21 years 2 months
I am currently looking for a really nice mic to invest in. I would like to keep the price low but for nice I know that really isn't a option. I used a mic at a friends studio a while back for synths and vocals called the Neumann u47. It was made somewhere around the 50's. I am trying to find something of similar variety. Does anyone happen to know anything about RØDE mics? I have been looking at them and they definitely seem to be pretty nice. I also would like to know what exactly is a Valve mic.


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hey guys, just wondering what Neumann U47s restored by BLUE were worth compared to all original U47s, considering the capsule, tube, transformer, wiring etc are all new. Adding a U47 in good working condition to my gear list would be great, but without the original guts of the mic it's no better than some U47 copy, right?


Vintage U47 or M49. what are they worth?

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I am working with a local pro audio dealer on a studio upgrade which includes a mic or two plus some SSL and API pres.

They just dropped off an old U47 (ser#726) and M49 for me to try out over the weekend :D . Since we are looking at about 20" plus of snow here over the next 2 days I will have lots of time to try these out (I also have 3 extremely talented singers!).

Both of these mics are from the 50's, and both are absolutely mint. What do some of you gear hounds out there guess is a reasonable price range for mics like these?