1. pcrecord

    My computer upgrade - why and how

    Hi, In this video, I discuss my recent computer upgrade and how it went. I do not do any games, so every decision was aimed at audio recording and multimedia work. Hope it can inspire some !! let me know what you think !
  2. kmetal

    Speakers or DAC what to upgrade next (1k budget)

    im thinking of what my next move should be as far as putting my new basic rig together, besides the seemingly endless computer parts. right now im rocking an avid eleven, and focusrite scarlett solo interfaces, and alesis monitor one speakers, with an avantone on the shortlist, and a Bose home...
  3. T

    Help Upgrading Studio

    Need help on What I should Upgrade my set up to..Im willing to spend atleast 250$ max on each new Item current setup: PRO TOOLS 8 LE Audio Technica AT2020 SA ISO SOUND BACK GUARD Mackie Creative Reference CR3 2‑way Monitor Speakers MBOX MINI 3RD GEN Sennheiser HD 650 Over‑Ear Headphones All...
  4. V

    Podcast equipment upgrade

    Hey there, I had a similar post a couple of months back, and you guys have been great, so I'd like to turn to you for help again. (Background, not important) So basically, I have a podcast, I'm using Audio Hijack, and a Rode podcaster, it's a fine one man setup I think. So recently my friend...
  5. vibrations1951

    Samplitude Pro x3 upgrade quandry

    I already have Melodyne on my Box 1 DAW FWIW. I don't want to miss the opportunity to upgrade as today is the offer's end. I'm using Samplitude prox2 suite as my Box 2 DAW and I haven't had a lot of experience with it yet. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. $199 is a lot of cash to me...
  6. G

    2nd in a Series - Re-ribbon, new transformer and 3D printed parts for MXL R144

    Hello, this is a second in a series of Ribbon Mic upgrades. Thought you all might be interested. Here I updated the truss to make the ribbon element floating (not tied to the truss and chassis ground) and swapped out the transformer. This required some 3D printed ribbon mounts and covers...
  7. G

    Ribbon Microphone Upgrade for MXL 990

    Hello, I’m beginning my personal little crusade in the Ribbon Mic arena. To start, I’ve created an Instructable, to upgrade an MXL 990 condenser mic with a ribbon element from http://www.diyribbonmic.com/parts I created some 3D printed parts to hold the ribbon element and transformer. But I...
  8. doxology

    Monitor Upgrade...Rockit8's to 20/20's or NS-10M-T's...???

    hello... the problem: my KRK Rockit8's have absolutely no bottom. for years now I've had to rely more on auditioning my bounced mixes on various stereo systems than on studio monitoring. The bass response of the rockit8's is at least 3 - 4.5 db below norm...so, of course, my mixes always have...
  9. Tony Carpenter

    DBX Quantum - upgrade success!

    So.. after the dramas of trying to install OS 1.50 on my Quantum. Success!. I put up $60.00 for an old IBM Thinkpad off eBay running Windows XP. Note to all the unwary, MIDI interfaces on USB do NOT like virtual versions of windows, no matter how slick they seem to be working. The result of...
  10. MadMax

    Studio Upgrade... New Furniture

    I've got a new console coming and looks like the whole studio furniture thing gets revamped. This means new iso boxes for the converters, amps, etc. AND a new patchbay setup. I'll start with CAD drawings of the space and hopefully incorporate the patchbay arrangement into the top area of the...
  11. audiokid

    Forum upgrade

    I'm going to be upgrading the forum in the next few days. I love the selective quoting options! (y) The new features in XenForo 1.4 include: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/xenforo-1-4-0-released.82699/#post-823180
  12. pcrecord

    The Upgraded TAB 57 captures more warmth and detail

    I just read this funny post on GS : ''The Upgraded TAB 57 captures more warmth and detail, where that extra detail is rolled off on a stock 57 to cut production costs.'' I think Shure either decided that the sm57 would sound like this or with the construction, it happened to sound like this...
  13. K

    A/D and D/A Converters Upgrade?

    I have a RME Fireface UFX as my interface. The UFX AD DA converters have received excellent reviews. Would like to know your opinions if I should spend the money to upgrade the converters. I don't want to be spending $2,000 plus on a new converter unless it would produce a noticable change in...
  14. T

    Next Upgrades: From Basic to Pro

    Hello All, I've been recording my own and other peoples music for a few years now and am looking to upgrade all of my equipment. My previous recordings have all been completed at local studios in Atlanta, but I would like to at least record my next tape. I may send it off for mixing, but need...
  15. E

    Is it worth it to upgrade my converters?

    Hi Guys, I haven't been around much lately, fortunately, because I've actually been busy with projects. I am working pre-production with an artist right now that is about to record a full album here at my studio and I am trying to figure if it is worth it to upgrade my converters for it. The...
  16. Davedog

    The NEXT Studio Upgrade

    Well, it has officially started. Probably the last for a while as I'm retired from my "career". But this time I will finish what I started several years ago. I have a full-length record starting next week so the upgrade will be in steps culminating in a total change in the orientation of the...
  17. Dr_Willie_OBGYN

    Nuendo upgrade to 64-bit PC

    I am thinking about upgrading to a 64-bit Windows 8 computer. Do you think my old Nuendo project files will open up? I have been running on XP 32 bit. Here's some of the programs that I am concerned about.... Nuendo 5 Camel Audio Alchemy Sylenth1 reFX Nexus2 Native Instruments Massive Tone2...
  18. DonnyThompson

    Windows 7 upgrade questions

    I've been using XP for a very long time now. 7 years on a dual core/Athlon PC has been good for what I've been doing, however... I've gotten into more dense productions lately with an old friend who has hired me to produce and engineer his newest project. I'm currently using Sonar 7, and I'm...
  19. M

    I want to upgrade an input of my Roland Vs2480... With an api 205 di

    1. Can I use the api 205 direct input module as a stand alone input?.. Granted i buy the chasse with the power supply... will turning down the input level of the VS2480, and turning up the gain on the api 205L be super effective? or not.... VS2480...
  20. kmetal

    Helping my cousin upgrade studio overall.

    Hey all! well my cousin really took a liking to audio production, and after 6 years or so, it's time to upgrade, now that we know he's serious about it. we have probably as much as 10K. The goal is to make this less pro-sumer, and lean towards more pro stuff. Any ideas on any aspect of this...