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  1. M

    I want to upgrade an input of my Roland Vs2480... With an api 205 di

    1. Can I use the api 205 direct input module as a stand alone input?.. Granted i buy the chasse with the power supply... will turning down the input level of the VS2480, and turning up the gain on the api 205L be super effective? or not.... VS2480...
  2. J

    Roland VS 840/880 help please.

    OK, old units I know. I have just acquired two of them from a friend of mine that passed away and I was just wondering if anyone has aether of these, or would be able to help me with my query?. Firstly, I want to be able to import/export audio - to/from the computer... I know, pre USB, this is...
  3. S

    connect roland vs 1880 to pc

    My dad has a roland vs1880 that he wants to connect to the pc so he can edit his tracks with a few more effect options. The problem is he does not really know what he is doing, he has bought reaper and a midi to usb lead. What leads and software will he need to connect to the pc and transfer...
  4. B

    Roland VSR880 - to buy or not to buy

    Hello. We have a full analog studio but are getting eaten alive by the cost of reel tape (not to mention the long lead times to get the reels) and so want to convert to a digital recording set-up. We have the opportunity to purchase (at a very nice price) two Roland VSR880 rack mount systems...
  5. Starliner

    Newbie questions: RE: Roland VS-2480 and add-ons

    I have a few questions for other VS-2480 users. I just received a Roland VS-2480HD, external CD burner, and a VE-7000 channel edit controller. There are no effects cards installed (just four empty board slots). 1. Will the unit burn CD's without the effects cards? 2. Can mastering be...
  6. W


    Greetings all - first time here and I'm hoping you can give me some advice, My situation is I've been slowly buying gear over the last decade with a view towards building my own home studio. Well, needless to say that over time technology has advanced faster than my studio plans have and...
  7. J

    Roland VS2480 A/D Converters

    For some years I have been using a Roland VS2480. All of the digital pieces in my control room are synced by a Lucid clock; all audio equipment in the studio is on Equitech balanced power. I'd like to think that I've given the Roland converters the best opportunity to do their job. I don't...
  8. B

    Things I've learned about the Roland VS 2400

    They like good preamps. They hate compressors used in the analog line inputs. If you buy the expansion card they have a descent vocal room with reverb and a nice compressor. The tube modeling one isn't bad. I have yet to really get into all the features. The unit is like a maze. The...
  9. F

    Help! My Roland VS Studio never sounds good.

    Has anyone worked on a Roland VS Studio before? I have a VS-1680 and no matter how I mic any instrument or vocal the recorded sound is always uneven, boomy and has no definition (muddy bass / zero crack of the snare / no 's' sound on the vocals). I am using the onboard preamps. When...
  10. S

    Roland VS2400 - Good deal or wrong direction?

    Looking to put together a home studio and trying to decide on a starting point (obviously there are many different directions to choose from. I am having a difficult time deciding which way to go. Is a standalone a good way to go...or should I be focusing on an interface for a pc based DAW...
  11. G

    Using loops with Roland VS-1824CD

    I'm planning on buying a Roland VS-1824CD but I first need to know how well this machine works with sampled loops. Does anyone know if it works similar to Acid or more specifically, can you cut and paste the loop and have the ability to change the bpm without changing the pitch? Or are you aware...
  12. E

    Question for any Roland VS880 users

    Does anyone know of an external scsi cd burner that you can use to burn/back-up,material on a cd. I know you dont have to use the Roland cd burner,or is this another software issue,where you have to use a roland cd burner to make things easier. So many questions :cry: so little time...
  13. M

    korg d32xd or roland Vs-2480DVD?!

    hi , i want to buy a new digital workstation mixer would u please help me with your informations and experiences about these 3 products : 1.Roland VS-2480DVD 2.Korg D32XD 3.Korg D16XD and please give me another option but in that range thanks
  14. T

    connecting roland vsr 880 to yamaha emx5000

    hey i just bought a roland vsr 880 digital recorder and i was wondering if it was possible to hook up a yamaha emx5000 to it. if possible can you tell me what to do to record. thanks
  15. S

    Roland VS-2480

    Does anybody here use this DAW ? Discuss.
  16. S

    Roland VS-2480 vs Mackie Onyx/Tracktion

    I'm looking for opinions on which would be a preferred setup. I am currently using a Roland VS-1680 now and would like to upgrade to either the new VS-2480DVD or possibly going the PC DAW route with a Mackie Onyx 1640 including the firewire card which comes with Tracktion (Mackie's software) or...
  17. R

    compatible scsi burners for roland vs-1680

    does anyone know of any compatible scsi cd burners that work w/ the roland vs-1680????
  18. L

    Roland VS1880 to wav files

    Greetings, I have an old project packed to disc from a VS1880 that I sold a couple of years ago. Now I am wanting to unpack this project and finish it using a newer studio. However, even if I borrow a VS1880 from a friend, I noticed it doesn't export to WAV. Anyone have any advice how I...
  19. L

    Roland VS-1880 versus....?

    I'm wanting to get back into digital recording and am wondering which path to take. I know how quickly digital technology progresses, so I wonder what today's equivalent of the VS-1880 would be in other brands. I know Roland makes the VS-2000CD now and that looks a lot like the 1880 I used to...
  20. F

    Roland vs2480cd & using master tool kits

    I write and record original moderate rock music and want to know which MTOOLKIT works best for others? Do you have to use a tool kit to get a stereoed mastered CD? :? Sometimes I feel like my songs sounded better before I mastered them using the MTOOLKIT. :(