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A fun recording studio tag around the word "what" .

8 inputs / mic lines. What mics would you choose?

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19 years 2 months
scenario; recording to analog tape. 8 mic lines from the studio into 8 mic inputs in C/R. recording bands live. rhythm section, then overdubs, horns if needed, vocals last.

assume there's 5 - sm57's and 2 - 414's in the collection already. we're on a tight budget. what 8 additional mics would you choose for the mic locker?

What are your most transparent plugins?

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12 years 1 month
Ive been interested in transparent gear and processors lately, and just wondering what the most transparent pluggins are that your using. I think i would say the fabilter compressor, and ozone eq are probably mine. The fab limiter has a bit of a gloss to it to me im not sure if its as transparent as the ozone limiter but i do like it. I haven't used it yet but i think the softube Weiss comp/limiter/maximizer will probably be more transparent than ozone or fab.

What is SIDE Chain - for audio or video production

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8 years 6 months

What is SIDE Chain - for audio or video production

I've been ask in the comment of my youtube channel to do a video about this..
I'm happy that people gives me video ideas.. It shows interest and give me motivation to continue..

Here is one about side chain..
Let me know what you think ! ;)

What did you just learn about recording today?

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8 years 6 months
Hi gang,

I thought it could be cool to share our latests things learned or the thing you just realised you could do differently..

For exemple, I often did M/S array for recording acoustics.. but for some different sound, I now do 2 mono recordings instead.
I'll be doing a video about how to fake a big drum rooms the right way.. Another thing I realised I could do differently for a more natural result.

Samplitude Videos - What's next ?

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8 years 6 months
Hi to all,

You might have seen that I'm posting many videos here on the forum and many are about Samplitude.
First, I hope I'm not anoying anyone and that at least 1 person is gaining something while listening.

Since there isn't many videos about Samplitude, It's kind of a good thing for the channel because it makes it easier to find and get views.

But I thought I'd ask you, my friends, what would you like to see next?
About Samplitude or other subjects.

Covid-19 - What do you think is really happening?

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21 years
Since 1999, this community has kept politics, religion and off topic discussions away from here but maybe today we make an exception. I think I'm speaking for the majority of members, hoping we all get through this crazy pandemic and life returns back to some normality.

Where to send a sick microphone and what can I expect

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18 years 3 months
I have a Groove tubes model 6tm. It has a chinese K67 capsule and a cinamag transformer, I replaced the tube on this mic with a 5840 / 6225, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off from antique supply and it sounds okay to me. I really took my time and labeled everything, but it is noisy. It needs like 50db of gain on a great river nv-2 to produce a good vocal level, it sounds good and has some of what I think are 67 characteristics.