1. audiokid

    Universal Audio Announces Thunderbolt Compatibility for Windows 10 Systems

    audiokid submitted a new resource: Universal Audio Announces Thunderbolt Compatibility for Windows 10 Systems - Console 2 for Apollo FireWire interfaces also included in UAD Software v9.0 Read more about this resource...
  2. kmetal

    Windows 10 audio specific optimization.

    I left off on xp years ago. Just wondering what you guys have been doing to w10 to streamline it. Any advice and links would be much appreciated.
  3. sonar platinum, Windows 10 , Motu 424pci and pcix

    Upgraded to windows 10 last weekend, all motu drivers are working fine, no issues with Sonar, All is good... I posted up as I see people are concerned about the lack of drivers for the PCI424 card and windows 10 Anyhow that's my experience Cheers K
  4. audiokid

    Windows 10 - what version best for Pro Audio?

    Okay, moved this post to start a new thread. As of Oct 2015, Windows 10 Home version is not ideal for Pro Audio but this is also based on my needs to be off the grid as I have a studio in a remote area that is not capable of high speed internet access. See the various versions...
  5. gdoubleyou

    UA Releases USB3 Apollo Twin for Windows. Now the Windows community can join the fun.
  6. audiokid

    Windows 10 - Samplitude Information on compatibility

    I'm getting really excited about Windows in general. Its the competition between Apple and Microsoft that is most exciting. But, I'm waiting a while before I put this into my audio PC's. Kudo's for Windows. Its reported working well on Samplitude. I read it won't allow you to turn off auto...
  7. Guillermo Navarrete

    Windows 10 - Information on compatibility

    Hello everyone, Windows 10 will be released tomorrow and we expect that many of you intend to upgrade - especially because the upgrade will free from Windows 7 and Windows 8. With the new operating system, Microsoft introduced many changes in regards to audio optimisations and lower latencies...
  8. audiokid

    FireWire 800 Card for Windows

    Looks like I need to upgrade my Windows box , I need a PCI FW 800 card, and/or is a PCIe the better slot. If I don't need to take an addition PCIe, I would save that for something else. Any recommendations? I've never bought something like this, do I just go to my local Computer store?
  9. pcrecord

    Tweaking Windows 8.1 For Audio and Music Production

    Tweaking Windows 8.1 For Audio and Music Production I thought it was a good Idea to share this video, (not from me and I'm not associated to him) The part about bios helped me greatly. View:
  10. audiokid

    Windows 10 for pro audio

    Windows 10
  11. pcrecord

    RME Digiface vs 9652 on windows 8 ?

    Hi, I have some problems with my Saffire56 and I think about having a backup alternative to record. My important gear goes in adat which one would be your choice
  12. audiokid

    Re installing Windows OS

    Something is whacked with my OS. I'm sick of trouble shooting. Time to re install the OS I've never done this for recording computer on Windows. Whats the best way to preserve my essential data like email, DAW etc? All my audio files and libraries are in D/ E and F drives so no worried about...
  13. pcrecord

    Windows 8 optimisation info for audio recording.

    Native instrument put up a nice page that may help fine tunning your system. Thanks to google search that made me discover it !
  14. audiokid

    Windows Media won't play another song

    I am having such a problem with my Windows media player only playing something once and then I have to reboot my computer it to play another song. If I don't close it, I can keep it going to another song but if I close it, I have to reboot everytime. This is driving me bonkers. Its been doing...
  15. caprice

    ZED-10FX --> USB --> Reaper --> Windows 7

    So this mixer kicks ass because it's analog, has a ton of headroom, and is warm as a candle. My question is, I've been mixing at unity (master knob at 0) and using the FET transistors for my guitar/bass and vocals (I use an XLR to TS to plug my mic into a compressor pedal and delay pedal and use...
  16. DonnyThompson

    Windows 7 upgrade questions

    I've been using XP for a very long time now. 7 years on a dual core/Athlon PC has been good for what I've been doing, however... I've gotten into more dense productions lately with an old friend who has hired me to produce and engineer his newest project. I'm currently using Sonar 7, and I'm...
  17. pcrecord

    A new DAW journey with windows 8

    In a recent post, I said I just change my audio interface for a Liquid Saffire 56 and an Octopre and was testing recording at more than 44.1khz. I had 4 m-audio delta cards and it took me 2 weeks to tweak audio recording and ended up not using asio drivers because it was unstable. Upon testing...
  18. Kurt Foster


    i'm going for a laptop to run the new Harrison Mixbus DAW ... i have singled out a few machines ... i'm looking for advice as to which OS, Windows XP Pro, 7 or 8?
  19. 32 bit vs 64 bit windows for recording

    I am pretty well versed in hardware of computers, software not sooo much. What is better for recording 32 bit or 64 bit, I just built a comp and I need to get windows. Just wondering what would be best.
  20. Any Plugin Like VOCALIGN For Windows (besides Melodyne) ?

    Any VST's for Windows that align vocals/tracks?