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Hi everyone, i do not know where to post this question so if it is off topic, please forgive me.

I have a few tapes that were recorded on DA-38 machines, i want to transfer this audio information to wav or aif files.

Does anyone know of anyone in the NYC area who does work like this, or even a place that I can ship them too??

I dont have a da-38 so i cant do it my self.

Thanks for all replies in advance!


Barkingdogstudios Mon, 04/18/2005 - 13:08

I have the ability to do that for you. I'm in Canada near Niagara Falls. Send me an email at if you're interested.

Just one question, how many tracks are recorded? I have two TASCAM machines so I can only transfer 16 tracks at a time.

I can give them back to you as individual WAV files.