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Hi all,

Just wondering if the tascam US-122 is compatible with pro tools LE. This is my preferred software and I have just been offered a cheap US-122. So my question is:
can they be used together?
If this topic has already been discussed, i apologise for posting it up again. (i searched through and couldnt seem to find the topic so hOpefully i am not doubling up).



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51 years 4 months

antman74 Mon, 08/14/2006 - 22:59


thanks. I have been searching around the web and through forums and i cant find anything about the two together, so i might have to pass up the pportunity of a cheap us122. its no use buying it if i cant get it to do what i want.
so thanks again for your reply


pmolsonmus Wed, 08/16/2006 - 06:31

If you're using PT LE you have an interface already. PT is a hardware based company- so either you have an Mbox, OO1, or OO2 or some other PT device to make the software work. The Tascam is a decent budget unit, but won't do anything the other units already do and I believe offers less quality than any of the PT line. My .02

I primarily use PT with an 002r but also have used the Tascam on an older PC. The only way to use the Tascam and PT together is to create audio files with whatever software you are using (I believe it comes with Tascam's) and import them into your PT session.

Hope this helps