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Mixing & Song Critique

I know you're gonna hate this mix

Hey, y'all! My name is James I am new here, and new to mixing/mastering. This is not my original creation. I just remixed and mastered the raw multitrack from's newbie mixing section. Original Artists website here: https://www.bolzund…

It's my very first attempt at mixing and mastering anything. But, I have been researching for quite a while gathering knowledge, tips, and tricks, as well as the appropriate software for five years. So you could say I practiced a lot in my head! lol. 

Just released my first album (blues rock instrumental) — cheers for the mixing feedback over the year!

Hey All,

Super happy to announce that I’ve just released my first self-produced album - a collection of blues-rock instrumentals. I really appreciate the mixing feedback over the year!
Hoping you all agree it turned out ok!?

Check it out here:

Cheers and season’s greetings!

Another crack at mixing some horns with guitar driven blues

Hey Everyone,

I've been playing around with the Horns virtual instrument in Logic again and come up with the attached track. What do people think? Is it a little too busy in places.. (?) I was going for a big-band blues funk kind of vibe.

- I used Bias Amp 2 for guitar amp simulation (I played all parts on a LP 2015 Traditional).

- Drums are a hybrid EZ drummer kit based on the drumkit from hell (-- I generally like this kit; has some nice choked crash sounds) but with the progressive snare and a less metal-sounding kick.

Big-band blues with a hint of metal

Hey all, I've been experimenting with a couple of things here:

- Using logic pro's 'envelope' plugin on snare, kick and toms to add punch (I gather this is like a poor man's SPL transient designer -- I'm still tempted by this plugin , but I'm quite happy with logic pro's version). I'm quite happy with the drum mix on this one, what do other people think?

- Logic pro's studio horns plugin to add some big-band esque stabs

An instrumental prog metal song. Appreciate any feedback!

Hey all, this is an instrumental progressive metal track I've just spent the week recording. I'm mixing on rather crappy headphones due to space limitations / not wanting to annoy the neighbours, etc., so I'm not sure how well I can trust my ears.. Would appreciate any feedback!