Tell me......

Submitted by audiowkstation on Sun, 10/06/2002 - 11:28

How in the hell "Wingspan" got mastered by this moronic being?

What gives.....

"Paul McCartney and Wings" anthology. It's Pauls way of putting "Wings" to bed after the passing of his dear wife and musical companion Linda...too bad it sounds like dog flop. He should have let Geoff Emerick master it....or Bill. (damnit!, why did George Martin have to go deaf?)

Originally posted by Joe Lambert:
Who mastered it?

according to AMG, who often screw up, it was Geoff Emerick!

maybe some of that early stuff was so bad it couldn't be saved? or has it received the hyper-limiting treatment?

Well you've really peaked my interest now. I going to have to waddle down to the Wall Mart tomorrow and pick up my very own copy. I haven't bought one because I've already got everything Wins did, a lot on vinyl as well as CeeDee. Can't wait to hear how bad it is....It's a sick world we are living in.....Fats

When I got my Tannoy DMT 12's the first thing I grabed to listen to was Led Zep's 1st album....on ceedee, bummer! Sounds like s**t! I always wondered about E.K after that, I still like the album for its content, but it sounds like s**t....Fats :w:

I like George Marino, he's mastered many mixes that i've done. But I know that when i'm working with someone who originally did the music and we are reworking it, they always want the high end pushed more. Of coarse the older they are, the more they want it pushed. But what about everyone who's used to hearing it a certain way and expects something similar? Just took my by shock at first, but the more i listen to it, the more it grows on me. Maybe I'm just forgetting what it sounded like way back when.