01v96 Multi track recording help

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  1. We here have

    1. 01V96v2 Yahmaha Mixer
    2. PC Windows Vista 32-bit/Laptop XP w/firewire
    3. On-Board Audio only
    4. USB 2.0/No Firewire (can install if needed)
    5. A knowledge to install any thing that we need to get to make this work

    What we Want

    1. To record Multi-Channel @ least 6 Channels
    2. Use Adobe Audition (If Possible)

    Would be nice if it worked but not necisary

    We dont need to be alble to control the board via PC(remotely) they are next to each other so we would just manually change vol. bal. and gains.
  2. Boswell

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    Apr 19, 2006
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    If you want to stick with the 01V96 acting as your pre-amps, you simply need a way of attaching the digital output of the 01V96 to the computer. There are two basic ways of achieving this:

    (1) Get an M-Lan card for the 01V96 expansion slot. This is a 16-channel FireWire interface board and will plug into a standard FireWire port on your computer. Make sure you run the latest Yamaha drivers, and Audition should see 16 available input channels. It's fair to warn you that some users report intermittent problems with M-Lan.

    (2) Get an ADAT interface for your computer and connect to the ADAT lightpipe output of the 01V96. For 8 channels of audio, a simple PCI board such as the Marian MarcA is a low-cost solution. In this case, Audition would see 8 available input channels. If you were to install the MY16-AT expansion board in the 01V96, you could have up to 24 audio channels. In this case, you could fit slave Marc A boards, or it would be better to get an external ADAT interface such as an M-Audio ProFire Lightbridge or RME Digiface. ADAT lightpipe connections are very reliable.

    Either solution would give you two-way data transfer, so you could use the 01V96 to play back or mix down the recorded tracks. You would need a pair of powered monitors - computer speakers won't do.

    It's worth considering connecting the USB MIDI port on the 01V96 to your computer. If you do this, you can automate your mixdowns, since the 01V96 does not have built-in automation, although you say that you don't see an immediate need to do this. You would also be able to use the 01V96 as a control surface for controlling mixing "in the box", i.e. using the DAW computer software for mixing.
  3. Thanks for the great help!!

    Thanks Boswell

    My Question now!

    Is it posible to send the mixed audio Main audio out to thru ether the M-Lan or Marc_A to be recorded for when we are recording mixed with Eq's applied to the audio
    -- If so can Yahmaha be called on support to help configure like the 8th out on the ADAT to the Mixed out that goes to our sancuary speakers

    See what is happening we are trying to get this put in cause we are getting into radio messages and other things and get off using the WDM audio and getting onto ASIO since its a near latency-less audio

    Places around here are giving us a 2500$ list of parts we need to do this.

    I Know this is wrong I have been in computers 10+years and audio 3 yrs to get that no thats not right.

    I want to make sure im getting this right because we are a small church and i dont need to be spending money on things we dont need
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    Well, our church is also quite small. Circa 80 per week.

    I use a Soundblaster to record with and let's say, anger = time * recordings. Personally I'm eyeing up a Delta 1010lt. For £130, that gets us 8 channels of decent input.

    You're definitely right in thinking there's other ways.
  5. Boswell

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    Re: Thanks for the great help!!

    I don't really understand you here, but surely you don't mean telephoning Yamaha and asking them how to do it? Why can't you drive the sanctuary speakers from the 01V96 omni outputs and give them their own aux mix with any necessary delay and EQ?
  6. Our Current Setup

    Main Speakers are connect to LXR Stereo Outs thru a Crown Amp

    Monitor Speakers are Via Omni out 1 Aux 1 via amp and a Feedback Elim..

    PC is via the 2TR Out and In w/ ground loop isolators

    this setup is wanted to stay this way
    because we invite groups that need many diff setups that are already pre programed in the system already

    yes we are wanting to send the Stereo(mixed w/ Applied eq's from the seperate inputs) out Left and Right via ADAT port 7/8 (for recording the pastors messages) not eliminate the LXR ST. outs

    we are only needing 6 channels of multi channel record for our praise and worship
  7. Boswell

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    Apr 19, 2006
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    It is straightforward to do what you are asking. Simply use the Output Patch menu to route the Stereo L and R to ADAT 7 and 8.

    However, I have a suspicion that there is more implied in your question than just that...
  8. Yes there is alot of double checking and making sure it is this easy

    Thanks alot for the help

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