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  1. hi guys. i ONLY record hiphop vocals, i have no idea on how to do anything else and it would most likely lead to confusion. i was wondering what would be the BEST buy for me to gain quality? right now all i own is my mic.. headphones... and a weak preamp [art tube]. i was recommended the Apogee Mini Me. but that might be out of my league. is there another audio interface thats simple to use and provide me that professional quality? i have about 700-800 saved.
  2. this has got to be one of the worse sites to ask for help.
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    Welcome to the proaudio forums. Sometimes it may be awhile til you get a post. You could also try Harmony Central forums. They may have something to offer.

    For hiphop stuff from what I have read seems to be focused on good compresser limiter and EQ. This helps to shape the overall vocal. Of course you want to get a descent mic and preamp. Presonus Inspire might be worth looking into and has gotten pretty good reviews. Easy firewire setup. Its about $199. Then all you need is the compressor/limiter and EQ. Sorry I can't offer more help but maybe this post will at least kick it off for you.
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    Take a look at the Lynx site - http://www.lynxstudio.com

    One of their cards can be your "base" to start getting "pro".

    2 inputs(Digital and/or analog), the L-22 or LynxOne, will do nicely. More I/O, look at the LynxTwo. More I/O yet? Start saving for an Aurora to go with your Lynx card.

    You can fool with mics and pres and speakers forever, start with a fine interface to your computer and it will all be easier from there.


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