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  1. Hello hello,

    Been browsing around for information (good stuff!) but never actually posted. Well, here I am! As indicated, I'm looking to put together a decent studio set-up with a grand as the budget. I'm running a PC set This is what I'm thinking:

    *Profire 2626
    Sennheiser E609 (to give a bit of variation in tone from the 57. same purpose, though)
    Audix D6 (bass drum)
    Pair of MXL603s
    1 more undecided mic for a floor tom?
    Reaper software (cheap, but amazing reviews.)

    I have yet to choose a monitor (be it speakers or headphones,) or a floor tom mic. I've also been back and forth between the 603s and the C4... Is there anything I'm missing, or any suggestions to fill the gaps in this setup? Any help would be much appreciated.

    *These pieces are set in stone and already purchased.
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    The 603's are usable if you go real real easy on them. If you could afford it, you should look at the Rodes NT5 instead. You can't afford any monitors worth anything for your budget and the gear you've already listed so you might as well get headphones. The ATH-M50 are good and most importantly, comfortable. Personally I'd change the M-Audio Profire 2626 for a Presonus box instead even if I had to return it. Better drivers and better general build. The Shure 57 was a great choice. You'll never regret that at all. If you had four or six of them you could use those on all your drums too.

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