16 channel i/o from analog board to computer or repair ADAT?

Discussion in 'Computing' started by groovemonster951, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. I know, newbie question but heres my deal. I'm a drummer looking into offering "drum overdub" type of services. Occasionally do recording of bands, etc. serious hobby at this time. Currently have Soundcraft Spirit Studio 16ch board and 2 ADAT LX-20s with some other outboard gear. I bought the ADATs off EBay with less than 500 hours each and one is giving me errors and taking my tape, etc. Good thing is I got them fairly cheap... so... here is the question...

    Do I take both ADATs in, have them completely serviced and/or repaired? ...and if that $ figure seems high compared to buying some new gear to just go into my windows xp pro computer... what is recommended in that case? I haven't been at this long enough to spend anything to get the signal from my ADATs to my computer yet, and in this case may be a good thing. I guess I should have listened to my friend who said don't buy the ADATs and get the gear to go direct into your computer instead. Would have saved a little money at least :(

    Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    I'd re-sell the ADAT's on eBay (the quicker the better - their prices seem to go down every day). Not the best conversion IMO, and 20 Bit at BEST. Why use a recorder as an ADC? Use an ADC as an ADC ;) .

    I'd look into an RME 96/52 HDSP card or a RME FireFace 800. This will get you into the PC (the Fireface also has 8 analog inputs, and 4 OK Mic Pre's). You can either compromise your AD conversion with something in the $200 range like an Alesis AI-3 (or dare I say a B... ADA-8000), or up the antie to better converters like RME's ADI-8 DS or even Apogee or Lavry units. Still using ADAT Optical protocol, but with far superior converters, and at 24 Bits.

    I have lots of RME gear, and it is rock solid, and can be found fairly cheap "Used" on eBay (I saved a couple of grand on RME stuff off eBay - all works flawlessly).

    I would NOT re-invest in those Adat's...

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